Notes From a New Blogger

Novels, short stories, articles, poetry, photographs, with all there is to learn to be able to someday call oneself an author, it can take “…so long now…” that I feel like a desperado (see the song at the end of this post.)

Though I’ve been blogging for, let me see, a few years now, I’ve never read anything that gives me some ideas about exactly how to blog. That has changed. I’m reading the book, “Build Your Author Platform” by Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister. The first chapters deal with blogging.

Yes, I’m beginning to see myself as an author, self-published but beginning to see a small amount of income. And I feel that book by Jelen/McCallister is going to help me immensely. I’ve never hid the fact that I write but I’ve also never encouraged the subject to come up. Why? Because always the same two questions appear:

“What have you written?” Answer, “Well, ah, I don’t really have anything published yet….” And then I hope to change the subject.

The second question comes when that same person accosts me again:

“How’s the writing coming?” Answer, “Well, ah…,” But there is no answer. A writer writes and writes and writes, and sweats and bleeds and hopes to publish some day. Something like a college student studying for finals, but the tests keep coming. They never stop. I’ve gone from writing in longhand in the nineteen-sixties while at sea in the navy, to a hand-powered typewriter, to an electric one, to my first computer which was basically a glorified typewriter (but still, an amazing improvement) to today with a Dell laptop.

Plus a locally-run computer shop and two guys who keep me up and running. If you’re planning to buy your first computer I recommend a mom-and-pop business for many reasons. The Big-box stores have their purpose but probably not to sell you your first computer. Reason: If you have a question–or two or three–you probably will never see the same person again. The next guy or gal can probably answer your question but there’s nothing like talking to someone you know, sorta like a family doctor.

Of course, health care is in major change mode today too. Family doctor? Good luck.

So, anyway, I really quit mentioning “writing” when I meet new people, as those questions and answers got embarrassing. I don’t blame people for those questions, I mean, what else can one ask a writer? But now I’ve changed, somewhat. If someone asks me what I do I answer, “I’m semi-retired and I write.”

After that question and answer the conversation can live or die on its own volition.

To get back to blogging, one of the suggestions from the book is, “Introduce yourself on your first blog post.” Well, I’m a little behind on that one, but since I’m changing my blog to WordPress, here goes:

My name is James W. Nelson. I didn’t go with a pseudonym but I probably should have. There are a gazillion “James Nelsons” out there, and probably quite a few “James W. Nelsons” too.

My bad, but with fifteen books now carrying my real name it’s a little too late to think about a pseudonym.

I also like nature, gardening, crafts, photography…in fact, if I ever do actually retire I would like to do more with the four interests I just mentioned. I do garden though, as I like the homegrown produce and it helps with the finances. Plus many people claim the homegrown is tastier. They aren’t wrong.

As for my past blogging, about half have described my books. The other half are personal interest and/or opinion about one thing or another. The last one dealt with Big Brother government protecting us. From what? In this case it was stupidity. And that subject is open-ended and can lead directly into wannabe-rich victims. People who get hurt and sue, sometimes for a lot of money. True, some people get hurt through no fault of their own and should be compensated. But there are plenty of scammers out there too.

But I’m getting off the subject.

Actually, I guess there’s no real subject today.

My blog post before the last one took a look at the late Karen Carpenter and her brother who created the singing duo The Carpenters. I played two of her videos and mentioned how much I miss her mellow and sensuous voice. Through research I finally learned that the level of her calming voice is called contralto.

Some future blog posts will deal with upcoming books. Two series that have been successful are “Daughters” (dealing with human trafficking) and “New World Order Rising.” They both have three installments and are open to more.

“Daughters” is by far my best seller and one fan even wrote, asking if there would be a fourth book? Yes, I answered, there will be, and a fifth one. And yes, when people write to me I answer, and I always appreciate their interest.

To any future readers of my blogs or books, please feel free to write anytime and talk about anything you want.

Thought for today: it’s misting rain and has gotten colder up here in the northland, so today I’m inside. More garden to put to bed for the winter, though, and more firewood to split. So plenty more outdoor work to do before the snow comes.
Sept 1, 2013 005

And it’s coming; it always does.

As promised, here’s that great song from the Eagles: “Desperado.”

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