Child Shooters of Children

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A recent article (Turning kids into shooters) written by Tracy Reiman, executive vice president, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) appeared on the editorial page of The Forum, Fargo, ND, November 15, 2014.

(“Sorry, Ms. Reiman, but I think you are way off base.”)

Let me first say that I, too, believe in ethical treatment of animals.

In her very first paragraph she casts the NRA (National Rifle Association) in a negative light. I’m not a member of the NRA, but I would stand with the NRA long before PETA.

She blames “hunting” for school shootings and, evidently, blames the parents who give their kids a gun and teaches them to shoot…more than likely shoot responsively. But in that same first paragraph she says verbatim, “Giving young people guns and encouraging them to go out and kill living beings is resulting in dead kids.”

She goes on to list some school shooters who can be linked back to hunting, “…‘practiced’ on animals…”.

Among those ‘hunters’ listed were the two Columbine, Colorado, shooters, but she neglects mentioning that Eric Harris was on the antidepressant Luvox, and his sidekick, Dylan Kiebold, well, his records are sealed. Hmmm, I wonder why…?

Here’s a link to a website that lists a much more believable reason for kids killing and maiming other kids, and not just with guns but knives, machetes and baseball bats: DRUGS.

Prescriptive psychiatric drugs. The winner: Prozac.

That site lists 34 school shootings/acts of violence by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

78 killed, 167 wounded, and several suicides right after the shootings.

In several other shootings toxicology and other medical records were never released, including Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook. The office of the Connecticut medical examiner refused to release Lanza’s records…I have to wonder why…?

James Holmes of the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting. It took months but the info finally released included anti-anxiety Clonazepam, anti-depressant Sertraline, and the generic of Zoloft.

I’m no lover of Michael Moore but included at that website is a very interesting 2-minute video about what he thinks of drugs and parents’ responsibility to their children taking those drugs.

A second worthwhile 2-minute video discusses the violent and suicidal thoughts on withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

Ms. Reiman mentioned the Virginia Tech Massacre, the “…dubious distinction…of the deadliest…”  Seung-Hui Cho killed 32, wounded 17 (strange she didn’t mention those numbers) then committed suicide. But no mention of Cho being a hunter, and no mention of drugs.

Moving on, another reason for shootings: Bullying.

I have never been bullied but back in school during the “peaceful” 1960s, I observed others getting bullied. But none ever brought a gun (or any other weapon) to school for payback. But my school was very small. Today it’s different. Guns are not only more accessible, but accessible to kids who should never go near a gun. (“That, Ms. Reiman, I will give you.”) So, today if a young man decides he can take no more bullying he can do something about it.

Kids interviewed after these shootings (that I’ve seen) rarely if ever, admit to ever seeing the shooter kids getting bullied, and absolutely do not and would not ever list their hotshot friends who did the bullying. It’s even possible that the actual bully(s) dodged the bullet…so to speak.

Then there’s the fact of the cool and shallow girls rejecting the uncool boys. The girls cannot be blamed for the rejections, but were they nice about it? When they said “No” was there an arrogant and shallow (shallow is the worst) tone in her voice? Did the girl(s) explain they had another boyfriend? Did they give the rejected boy any reason?

There too none of the girls interviewed after the shootings admit to rejecting the shooter. I’m not saying she was wrong to reject the shooter, but if she did the rejecting, or saw the rejecting, I’m thinking maybe she should have said something.

But of course that sort of answer would not make the evening news. The media would rather run with a cockamamie story like the one from PETA. The media wants to tell the story the public wants to hear, and the public wants to hear what they want to hear, and many—way too many—of the public, wants to blame—not drugs—but guns.

We can blame the liberal media and left-handed politicians for that mindset.

One thing the media really gets out there is that the cops always look for motive, a reason, some justification, for the shootings. I hate to tell ya, guys, but the shooters’ motives are moot, and the blame should be placed squarely on psychosomatic drugs, bullying, rejection, breakup…oh, yeah, and parents dropping the ball on raising their kids.

A good song to end this post: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

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