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A 3-minute video at the end of this post gives facts about prostitution & human trafficking; also, look for a sales annoucement.
(Including announcements of upcoming Books 4 & 5)
Daughters is my continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Eighteen-year-old Emma is the strong female lead in all books of the series.

Daughters Book 2, Emma Gets Payback (45,000 words) (female POV)

Emma, 18 (originally appeared in Daughters, Book 1, The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking.)
Six months have gone by. Emma and her new best friend, Alexis, also rescued from prostitution, leave the safety of Abundance, Montana, and the home of her foster father, Bailey Forbes, to head 200 miles back out into the cold world. But the University of Montana, Wyman, should be safe. After all, it’s a university, with security guards and campus police, and professors, and many other adults to look after the new students.
Unfortunately, Emma’s past comes back to haunt her right there on the campus. Alexis tells her she should call Bailey, but Emma determines to take care of things herself. And she maybe will be able to, as she and Alexis are both taking an evening self-defense class that includes some Taekwondo.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 “First John, Again”
Rodney was in Book 1, but never named
Marcus is Rodney’s helper
The professor will be one of Emma’s instructors


“Why do you have your hand over her mouth?” a bearded man in a fireside-looking brown tweed coat asked.
Rodney removed his hand.
“Young lady, are you here by choice?” the man asked.
What went through her mind was Rodney’s threat to spread her story through the campus, but if he did that she would leave anyway, and he wouldn’t get what he wanted. She felt she could be honest at this moment and maybe get away with it, “No.”
“What? Rodney, you said she was okay with it.”
“She is! She’s lying!”
“Young lady, are you lying?”
“No! I’ve never been okay with it! He’s forcing me!”
“Shut up!” Rodney released her but hit her in the stomach, “Hang onto her! He said to his buddy, “Okay, so she just got cold feet. She’ll still do ya, in fact me and Marcus here will hold her down.”
The man’s mouth fell open, “That’s rape….”
“Right, and you will participate, Mr. professor man, and according to you, you had no problem down in Vegas.”
“You will do her or the word will go out that you bought a prostitute—“
“I’m not a prostitute!” Emma shouted, and turned enough to see what appeared as a look of dismay on Marcus’s face, like he had gone along with everything else but maybe would draw the line on rape. She forcibly turned more and looked him straight in the eye, “Marcus, please…!”
“That’s exactly what you are, baby, a prostitute—Marcus, hold her tight while I work on getting those clothes off!”
She next looked at the professor and saw what looked like horror on his face, too, but he evidently would go along with it—fucking wimp!
Rodney began on the buttons on her top. She closed her eyes, clinched her teeth, and held her breath, this can’t be happening again!

Excerpt from Chapter 12 “Dirk Pays”
Emma is a little upset that right after her Taekwondo night class she has to again meet Rodney, so, she takes her anger out on her first opponent, Dirk.
Connor is the main black belt trainer

The gloved fist arrived on her chest, right below her neck and above her breasts. The blow was placed in the perfect spot not to hurt her but to definitely jolt her, and she even seen a few stars, though not the kind that lights up the darkness. She went down as if being hit by a battering ram.
Her dear friend Alexis was at her side instantly, “You brute!” she shouted at Dirk.
“Alex, no, Alex—I’m all right! You should get back to your opponent…please…!” she said quietly.
Alexis stood, then helped Emma up, and threw Dirk a dirty look before returning to her own opponent, a girl Emma now finally noticed. She had been so into what she was going to do to Dirk that she had erased the whole rest of the world around her, but now she had to focus!
She opened her gloved hands and flexed them a couple times, then moved to within six feet of Dirk, stopped, stiffened, and bowed.
Dirk returned the bow, and the instant he stood tall again her right gloved hand nailed him in the forehead. It was the hardest punch she had ever thrown. She knew she wasn’t supposed to go for the head but she didn’t care, and she doubted—fearing worse humiliation—that Dirk would squeal on her.
Surprised, Dirk—probably seeing his own stars, the kind that turned blackness bright—couldn’t help himself but to step backward, and Emma followed up with a second punch thrown with her left hand, again to his forehead, then still another one in the same spot!
Dirk went down with the biggest surprise on his face that he likely had ever shown, and supported himself with both his hands and shook his head, and stayed down for at least ten seconds.
She waited with her arms stiff at her sides, Come on, mutherfucker—get up!
She found it hard to believe that she had let such a word slip from her even in her own mind, but it had. She glanced at Connor, who definitely was looking toward her. Had he seen that she threw an illegal punch—three illegal punches?! He might have missed the first one, but doubtless he would have missed the others.

Excerpt from Chapter 21 “A Good Cry”
Emma has just broken up with Sanders, her new boyfriend
Kristin is a new best friend
Bailey is Emma’s foster/now-adopted father

She kept holding her breath, and finally released, then took a breath and felt yet another tremble but a weaker one. She felt stronger, like the cry had done her wonders. If Sanders was with her right then she felt she would fuck the hell out of him right there in front of God and the whole world for giving her this chance to cry her eyes out, and grow stronger. Yes, she was stronger, and even though what happened had broken her heart, she knew she had been unfair to Sanders. But still, he had said it, so it must be strongly in his mind what she was, how he perceived her.
She stepped away from the tree and looked back at the street. He was gone. Good, and good riddance! She didn’t need him! She didn’t need anybody…except Alexis, and Kristin, and Bailey. She started crying again, not as hard and long as before, but still. Two students, a boy and a girl, both with wide eyes, stood about thirty feet away. Evidently they had witnessed her cry. Good for them! She waved.
The girl smiled and waved back, enthusiastically. The boy’s expression didn’t change, and waved weakly, just barely at all. The girl understood her cry. The boy didn’t. The boy pulled the girl closer and they walked away but the girl kept looking back.
Yes, the girl absolutely understood.
4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, July 23, 2014
By Amazon Customer – See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Daughters: Emma Gets Payback (Kindle Edition)
The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11.
Thousands of young American girls have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves. While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world — Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example — few people know it happens in the United States.
UNICEF estimates that 2 million children per year are exploited in prostitution or pornography.
As many as 300,000 American youth may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation at any time. Especially vulnerable are the homeless and runaways…one third of runaway youths—girls and boys both—will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours on the streets.
The life expectancy of a sex slave is just seven years; number one cause of death, homicide, number two, AIDs.

Book 1, The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking
(Emma is raped, abducted, placed in high end Las Vegas prostitution.)
Book 2, Emma Gets Payback
(Emma has escaped, she and new best friend, Alexis, have spent six months living with her foster father and renewing themselves, then she goes to college to pursue child psychology and criminal justice so that she can help other girls, but even in the so-called safety of a college campus, her past comes back to haunt her.)
Book 3, The Lure of Pornography
(2nd year of college Emma goes undercover into the dark world of pornography, to help take down a site brutalizing underage girls.)
Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street (Look for it early-to-mid 2015)
Book 5, Sorority Animal House (Look for it mid-to-late 2015)

Beginning Saturday, December 27, 2014 (meaning midnight, Friday) look for a free download at Amazon. Next week look for a free download for Book 3 “The Lure of Pornography”
Sorry, no music I could find matched this post very well, so here is three minutes of facts about prostitution and human trafficking.

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