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New World Order Rising Book 3 The Next Generation Fights On

New World Order Rising-Book 3 Cover2 front
At the end of this post look for a song by one of my favorites, “Coming to America” by Neil Diamond. True, we are a nation of immigrants, but some immigrants today are balking at blending in…but right here in my post is the wrong place for politics. Also at the end look for a sales announcement.
Ten years have passed. Jocelyn is now a graceful, strong, and sinuous seventeen-year-old. Dodie is now a vibrant and beautiful sixteen-year-old, nearly a perfect picture of her mother, Chantal. She’s still trapped on that isolated island in the Mediterranean but she’s planning her escape.
Excerpt from Chapter 1 Warrior Jocelyn
She has been on a scouting mission, ordered by Beth, not okayed by Carter.

She ran her hand over the 30-30 Winchester lever-action rifle Carter had given her for her biggest armament when riding, then she dismounted, stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Blue’s neck, “I want to go now, girl, and I bet you do too. I bet you’re just dying to run like the wind those last ten miles…aren’t you?”
Blue shook her head again and lightly stomped her right front foot.
“I knew it!” Jocelyn swung back up into the saddle, tightened her legs on Blue’s sides, gave a quiet couple clicks of her lips and gently slapped Blue’s rump, “Go, girl! Go like the wind!”
And they did.
Excerpt from Chapter 7 Reflecting
Carter, concerned about Jocelyn’s whereabouts, takes a quiet break.

He waved back, and felt a breath leave him. How he loved his beautiful daughter. Then he walked toward that giant Elm tree that his little sister, Danielle, had named as their cemetery site. He remembered well what she had said to Sawyer, ‘Our cemetery will be there, and, Sawyer, plan for more graves, so mow a pretty good piece.’
How right she was, and she, along with five others killed in their second battle with the super soldiers, became the next residents. He stopped at the edge and gazed quietly at row after row of white wooden crosses, each painted with the name of a militia man or woman. How many now? He guessed more than a hundred, so they had many times increased the cemetery’s size.
Excerpt from Chapter 15 Alone on the Mediterranean
Dodie has escaped from her abductors; her plan is to get to Spain, then hitch a ride across the Atlantic, occupied eastern America, finally home to her Aunt Dani’s farm in North Dakota.

Dodie had tried to keep the bow of her boat on about 270 degrees—due west—all night, and felt thankful the water was fairly calm. By morning she was adding fuel for…she didn’t remember how many times. It never took much. Of course she wasn’t trying to go fast, not at night anyway, but she thought the boat must be getting pretty good mileage. She didn’t know what fuel consumption would be called on a boat, so went with mileage…something the old man had neglected to tell her, she guessed.
Excerpt from Chapter 17 About Beth
When there is betrayal by a thought-trustworthy one, what must be done to protect everybody else? Carter’s viewpoint.

Everyone in the whole farm militia-campsite was there, except perimeter guards. Three men and three women with M16s, butts on the ground beside them at a restful Order Arms, stood in a line facing a post stuck in the ground fifty feet away. The post had been installed just the night before, and would immediately be removed after the execution.
Carter, Jocelyn, staunch beside him, stood just to the right of the line and about ten feet behind. The two of them would have a full view.
His mind was pretty much empty of emotion. After his recognition of the necessity of the situation the night before, and his acceptance of it, his consciousness had prepared him to face the morning and the event with the face of a general, a general with his lieutenant—in full battle gear—right beside him.
Excerpt from Chapter 36 Dodie’s anger
Dodie has spent many days traveling back to North Dakota expecting to again be loved by her family. She gets a little upset when seeing another girl seemingly in her place.

Different, more gentle, music brought Dodie back to life. She jerked up to see—and there stood that slut-bitch, holding a bouquet of flowers! A good-looking guy stood beside her—was she getting married too? No, likely not, as she wasn’t dressed in white. Before her and the guy stood a tiny girl and a small boy…yes, the flower girl and ring-bearer. In her many travels on the old man’s computer she had learned about weddings, and had always held out hope that she would be so lucky someday to find a good young man to love and marry.
The two little ones started down the aisle, the little girl spreading flower petals and whole flowers, the little boy just watching her and tagging along…that’s so sweet. She smiled. She couldn’t help herself.
The slut-bitch girl, smiling her fucking face off, then started down the aisle too, between the two lines of smiling people. There too the guy just seemed to be following along, as he couldn’t take his eyes off who he was walking with—that slut-BITCH!!!!
Dodie had never felt such anger in her whole life—who is that fucking slut-bitch?!!!
Then appeared at the head of the aisle some guy she didn’t know, and…her mom! Her stomach nearly turned inside out. Not only had that slut-bitch taken over with both her grampa and her mom, but her mom was marrying some other guy! So where was her dad? Was he dead? She tried to think of what he looked like. She couldn’t remember, but did remember that he had never spent much time with her. She couldn’t think of even one good memory.
As she watched, four other couples—the women all pretty, all dressed in white—moved to the head of the two lines of people. Then a man wearing a cowboy hat stepped before them and nodded deeply to each of the five couples.
Excerpt from Chapter 37 The Wedding
A militia from Montana, which includes a preacher-man, has just married five couples, not including Jocelyn, maid-of-honor.

“I now pronounce you husbands and wives!” said the minister in the cowboy hat from Montana, “You may now kiss your brides!”
Maid-of-honor Jocelyn turned to the young man who had escorted her down the aisle. He gave her a huge smile and swept her into his arms and the kiss that followed sent little seventeen-year-old Jocelyn into a head-spin, and she allowed herself to just relax into his arms. Her first romantic kiss, and it couldn’t have come from someone more admired by her then the special forces-navy Seal-soldier, Todd, who had taught her to fight.
How they had chosen him to be Best Man for all the couples and to walk beside her down the aisle, she didn’t know, and didn’t care, but finally the kiss ended and she leaned back, and looked into the deep blue eyes of this man who had just swept her off her feet, “Todd….” She couldn’t think of a thing to say to match the magic moment just passed.
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Star Spangled Banner

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OK, OK… it is not a song so to speak, but I absolutely love, love LOVE the American National Anthem ‘Star Spangled Banner’. Not only do I love it, but to have one of my favourite artists of all time sing it ~ Whitney Houston ~ makes me want to stand up and say “Yes, I’m proud to be American!” even though I am proud to be British. That’s how powerful the combination of the two are! 😀

I am aware that in the full version of the Anthem it states:

Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution

Which refers to the British (quote from

The rockets were glaring red and the bombs were bursting in air as the British relentlessly attacked Baltimore’s Fort McHenry on the night of Sept. 13-14, 1814, the last year of the War of 1812. When Francis Scott Key spotted, by…

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New World Order Rising Book 2 The New Civil War

the new civil war color2-27-14
At the end of this post look for a song by folk rock singer Neil Young that relates to the story. Also look for a sales announcement.
Excerpts from Chapter 10 Harley’s Apartment
Carter has gone to Harley’s apartment (his late best friend) to get the man’s computer, in hopes of finding some information on the whereabouts of granddaughter, Dodie.

“All right.” She started away, “Nice to meet you, ah, Mister…”
“Nice to meet you too, ma’am.” He turned the key, entered the apartment, closed the door and locked it again. God, will she be waiting for me with a club when I leave here? He had never in his life told even a white lie—whatever the hell a white lie was, and in the last several minutes he had lost count of his many lies. Well, for God, country, and my family, I guess I can lie right through my teeth.
He had made no preparations, believed none of the apocalyptic underground conspiracy stories of bad times coming, had actually thought that none of that political junk pertained to him. He guessed he thought all he had ever had to do was vote for his chosen candidates and they would do their jobs and all would be well….
Until his beautiful daughter and granddaughter were abducted.
Well, he guessed he had finally waked up.
Welcome to the New World Order, Carter, we hope you will have a pleasant journey.
Excerpt from Chapter 15 Jocelyn
Seven-year-old Jocelyn (rescued from the Satanists) has the viewpoint, and is learning about love, trust, safety, for the first time. She’s also about to ride a horse for the first time. Chantal is her new proxy-adopted mother.

Standing nearby and watching, she began to breathe a little faster and feel a little shaky. She had never been on a horse. She had never even seen a horse other than television. She had never gone to a carnival or circus, or even gone shopping at a mall. She had never done anything that most little seven-year-old girls had done many, many, more times than once…and she had never—before Carter and Chantal—heard someone say ‘I love you.’ But in the last few minutes she had heard Chantal say it to her twice.
Excerpt from Chapter 27 Einar Mitchel, a Man of Good Sense
Carter has the viewpoint while listening to an old “liberal” farmer telling it like it is.

“Right, Dani.” Einar looked right at her, “It’s the so-called ‘shadow’ government. Believe it or not, my dear, from my mid-twenties I have known that people way, way, back behind the scenes were calling the shots in government. But I couldn’t do a thing about it. I had no real, real, clue back then. It took the appearance of computers to change things, and even then it didn’t change until computers became cheap enough and efficient enough so that almost anybody could buy and operate one.”
Einar again settled back against his chair, “So was born the god-damned conspiracy theorist!”
Excerpt from Chapter 31 Killer From the Sky
In this entire short scene, Chantal has the viewpoint. The second—deadlier—battle has just ended. The relationship that grows between proxy-adopted seven-year-old Jocelyn, and Carter, her proxy-adopted grandfather, melts even the heart of the author.

“Get him on the stretcher, and get a tourniquet on that leg!” Chantal knelt beside her father and held his head stable as four others lifted him onto a stretcher, “Dad, can you hear me?” She saw Mavis applying the tourniquet, and saw his eyes fluttering, “Daddy, please…!” She rose with the stretcher bearers and gripped his hand, “Daddy, if you can hear me, please, squeeze my hand!” He did, barely. She dropped his hand, “Get him up to the house and then get back here! We have more wounded!”
Then she finally noticed Jocelyn beside her father, holding onto his hand…and carrying a gun, the tiny one he said he had allowed her to shoot—and it was cocked! She hurried to Jocelyn’s side, and noticed the brave little girl had her finger off the trigger and stiffly beside it, just like her daddy probably had showed her, “Jocelyn, honey, please let me have that.” She tried to sound calm, “I’ll just keep it for you, honey.”
Big-eyed but steady, Jocelyn looked at her, then handed over the gun and rejoined her dad and held his hand as they continued toward the house. She released the hammer on the gun and put it on safety. Why did Jocelyn have the gun? Why is she even out here?
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This song by Neil Young is one of my favorites. Just before the second battle, Carter is thinking about this very song, and comparing it to what was coming down the road toward them. Hope you enjoy….

New World Order Rising Book 1 “The Abduction”

New World Order Rising-Book 1 Front Cover
From the Introduction The Illuminati
“Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.”
They go by many names, including, Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Freemasons, the “shadow government” and the New World Order.
They fill their coffers by drugs, pornography, prostitution, gun-running….
From the prologue:
Masters, an elite old man near the top of the Illuminati pyramid, has just been shown what’s on a CD.
“She just passed her sixth birthday, sir.”
Then the girl looked behind her. The camera moved to include the mother, also the rarest of beauty.
“Do you know them?” the old man asked.
“Yes, since childhood.”
“Are they friends?”
“They were, in the past.”
“But no longer.” The old man observed the younger man, watching for any sign of falsehood. There appeared to be none. “What happened?”
“We grew apart.”
“Yes, so many times that happens to childhood friends.”
“So you have no qualms?”
“I want the child,” the old man said, “Do as you wish with the mother.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1 Storybook Farm
Carter Banks, 47, is visiting his sister’s farm, along with his daughter, Chantal, 24, and granddaughter, Dodie, 6 (pronounced doe-dee, like the female deer.) First excerpt describes Carter and Chantal, second excerpt describes Dodie.

“Not too fast now,” Carter said.
Chantal sent him a huge grin, “Yeah, sure, right, Dad!” She looked directly at him, her eyes snapping. He always took those looks to study his daughter’s face. She was so beautiful. Her dark eyebrows matched her rich black hair perfectly. Her blue eyes truly were like two sapphires. Her lips were always naturally red. She was so the picture of her late mother. It seemed when Chantal was getting ready to do something she loved she would always send that look to her father, and he always experienced a run of times when the three of them were still together.
Then she spun her horse and squeezed Sheikh’s sides with her legs, gave a couple clicks with her tongue and—nearly instantly—a gallop.
Right, he thought, sixty miles per hour in ten seconds flat.
“Grampa, I sure like coming out to the farm. I wish we could live here.”
He looked at that charming and very serious face. How beautiful she was, and how like her mother, who at the same age had asked the same exact question. And he, too, wished the exact same thing, but he not only couldn’t afford to make the move to the farm—right then, anyway—but Chantal’s husband, Mason, would never agree to it. “I wish we could live out here, too, sweetheart.” The words slipped out. He didn’t want to encourage the idea, but, what the heck? It’s what he wanted too, “Maybe someday.”
Excerpt from Chapter 2 Whit Malcolm
This young man has suffered from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) since childhood. As an adult he lives near the edge emotionally. He’s chosen by the Illuminati to be drugged, microchipped, and brainwashed, to carry out the next mass-shooting…and then, as the sirens approach, to commit suicide, so that law enforcement cannot question him.

When he remembered that far back past his mind always wandered to the negative, to his mother making sure he took that pill in the morning and evening and twice during the day on the honor system. All through his youth he had never missed taking the pills, and had never discussed the side effects with anyone. He didn’t care. To keep everybody happy he just took the pills to be done with it.
Excerpt from Chapter 4 The Son-in-law
In the paragraph following the excerpt, Carter’s daughter and granddaughter will be abducted by professionals hired by the Illuminati. He won’t see it happen, only will hear tires squealing.

His heart swelled in fondness. How he loved those two children. Yes, Chantal was twenty-four, but she would always be his little girl. They kept waving and moved on, and he kept waving…then they disappeared. His heart gave an extra little beat, as it always did, as if he feared he wouldn’t see his children again.
Excerpt from Chapter 7 Harley Maxwell, Ex-army Special Ops
Carter, Chantal, Dodie, and Whit Malcolm share the viewpoint. Harley Maxwell is the fifth main character but never has the viewpoint. We see Harley through the eyes of Carter. In these two excerpts Harley is describing the Illuminati.

“So, who, exactly, are these people…?”
“Mostly men, but there are some hardcore women too. The leaders are top politicians, the corporate elite, and the so-called royal bloodlines. They want to create a fascist one-world government, one currency and a one-world army, they especially want to destroy the middle class, which would leave just the elite and their servants, their slaves—and the slaves, of course, would be microchipped. It would be known twenty-four hours a day exactly where the slaves are and what they’re doing.”
“Kind of sounds like Orwell’s 1984.”
Second excerpt from Chapter 10 Illuminati Goals & Tactics
“In the ideal Illuminati world they want to have eighty-five percent fewer people, just enough for slaves to keep the Illuminati happy and well-fed.” Harley reached to Carter’s shoulder and squeezed, “They plan to kill billions of people, my friend, and nobody will even know who did it. Even then they won’t be truly exposed. Not till the deed is done and just the mind-controlled slave population remains.”
Excerpt from Chapter 13 More With Chantal
Chantal’s viewpoint. She and daughter, Dodie, have been abducted. They’re traveling by car.

The only light came from the auto’s dashboard. Barely moving she peeked up. The man with the evil face had a large head. He was bald. She wondered how long he had been staring at her, as that certainly was what he was doing. His eyes were cold. She saw absolutely no feeling in them. No emotion. Just evil. Who are you? Where am I? What do you want?
“You have questions,” he said as a statement.
She knew she hadn’t spoken. She knew she had made no sound, yet he had read her mind—had he?
“No, I cannot read your mind.”
He did it again!
“You and your daughter have been very good. No crying. No screaming…you have been an easy assignment.”
“Too bad your good conduct will not help you.” He turned away, “Keep it up. We will be there soon.”
Excerpt from chapter 17 First Sighting of the black Uniforms
The chase has reached Kansas; Carter’s viewpoint.

Carter let out a breath, doubled his fists, then covered his eyes, Dear Lord, please watch over my children. He didn’t pray, not ever. He believed in God, yes, but never felt like he should pray, that he should ask for things, but for the safety and return of his children he would do anything, even pray.
Excerpt from Chapter 21 Dodie’s Value
Dodie’s viewpoint; she is separated from her mom and on a plane.

She remembered a rough ride and feeling funny and heavy as the plane went down the runway, then everything smoothed out. Of course, Dodie had never been on a plane. She didn’t understand her feelings but she knew something was not right. Something was really not right!
The woman left her seat, and looked at her. Dodie closed her eyes and tried to scrunch down.
“You can’t hide, little girl, and you have nothing to fear.”
“Where’s my mom?”
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The following 7-minute video gives a condensed taste of what the Illuminati and the New World Order might be about. For myself, it gives me shivers.

The second video is from George Carlin. I never cared for him, but the 3-minute video suggests he knows what he’s talking about. What I noticed, the Illuminati, the NWO, he never mentions by name. I think here he’s talking about the so-called “Shadow Government” which, to me, is the same as the two not mentioned. What bothers me here, what bothers me about all evil, is that these people once were children…or were they?

Post 4 of 4 From my Daughters Series

“Daughters” is my continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Eighteen-year-old Emma is the strong female lead in all books of the series.

Daughters Book 4 The Little Girl From Down the Street (43,000 words)
Fayanne has pretty auburn hair and green eyes, but doesn’t smile much. At nine she’s losing her mom to Alzheimer’s. She’s too young to understand what it means when her mom gets that funny look in her eyes and then sometimes acts like she doesn’t even know her…but the worst is what her mom’s boyfriend does to her at night. She wonders if what he does is right, and good, and should she even like it? She has questions but nobody to ask, until one day while walking to school she meets another man, a nice man. They talk, a lot, but she’s afraid to ask him that one question she really wants to know.
Fayanne begins this story. Emma doesn’t appear until the last scene of Chapter 7.
Fayanne and her mother have been abandoned and left with a non-running car, under an interstate bridge with other homeless families. When a man and his teenage son arrive, and offer a house to live in, warmth, and food, they accept.
Excerpt from end of Chapter 3 Her Own Room, and beginning of Chapter 4.
Fayanne is nearly beside herself with the perceived good fortune for her and her mom; she didn’t know there would be a payment required.

She stirred the water, and just couldn’t wait to get in! Another minute she let the hot water run—she was so excited, and so happy those two men had come to her and her mom’s rescue!
She stopped the water, stirred once more, then removed the towel and stepped into the water and sat down…ahhhhhh…so wonderful. She just sat and gently moved the washcloth over her body, finally began adding soap, and continued luxuriating…and discovered shampoo! After covering herself with shampoo and soap everywhere she washed off, then slid herself down and the water actually covered her body. She felt so good…and slept.
First Visit

Time passed. Fayanne sensed the water cooling and came out of her slumber, and opened her eyes.
There stood the older man, staring at her…staring at her middle.
Her heart nearly stopped. Instinctively her hands covered her breasts. They yet had barely made themselves noticeable but she wanted them covered anyway—and below her stomach—
“That’s okay, Fayanne,” the man said, his eyes kind of smiling but mostly staying on her middle, staring, even with her hand covering herself, “You finish your bath, and later I will come to your room to say goodnight.” Then he left, but kept his eyes on her middle until he was out the door.
Excerpt from Chapter 11 Max’s Attempt
Max is Fayanne’s new stepbrother. He has just made an attempt but she escaped. Earlier she lost the friendship of her slightly “older” best friend at school.

She reached the park. Already soaked from the rain but she didn’t care and just ran on, and reached the girls’ restroom. The door was open. She stepped in. Nobody was there. She locked the outside door and moved quickly to the stall in the corner and entered, and locked it too, and sat down on the stool.
Many times she had sat there and nobody ever bothered her, and suddenly she realized that every time Max’s dad came to her in the night she had come to this exact same place the next time she had a chance. A couple times she had even skipped school….
School. She didn’t ever want to go back to school. She pulled her legs up onto the stool with her, wrapped her arms around her shins and just sank into herself.
She was alone in the world; she accepted that.
She had no friends.
Nobody loved her.
She might as well die.
Excerpt from the last scene of Chapter 15 “I Have to Go.”
Emma and Fayanne finally meet, temporarily, but Fayanne receives her first real taste of trust, sincerity, and love. Fayanne has the viewpoint here, Emma in the next excerpt.

“Please don’t leave, Fayanne….”
She jerked her attention back to the young woman, “How do you know my name?” She almost screamed her question, and felt even more like crying—but crying never helps!
“My dad told me. He’s a good man, Fayanne.”
“I know he is!” She felt even more like crying—a couple sobbing breaths just grabbed hard at her throat! Then the young woman came across the seat and reached and closed her door, and put her right arm around her shoulders and her hand on her arm, and that touch felt so good! Then she just couldn’t stop the tears and the young woman put her other arm across her front and pulled her close…and her tears poured. She just couldn’t stop them!
“You can trust me, Fayanne. My name is Emma.”
Toast & Jelly

With Fayanne dressed in her robe, eating toast and jelly—as super was nearly finished—and surrounded by Heather, Eugenia and Ava, Emma felt a few moments alone with her dad was required. Once in the garage again, she sat down and Bailey opened the garage doors, as the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine.
When he was sat down again, “You are so right, Dad. Something is definitely going on in that house.”
“You feel it too,” Bailey returned, “So with two gut-feelings maybe we can call child services.”
“Not yet. Fayanne evidently has already had an experience with them, not the local one I suppose, but sometime in her past she has.”
“She told you?”
“Not exactly. She asked if I was from child services.”
“I don’t know what she thought when she saw us arrive, and all the hugging that went on, but I have a feeling that she hasn’t experienced much hugging in her life, or love either.”
“Did she tell you anything?”
“No, and I didn’t push. Once she even opened the door to leave…I don’t know why she didn’t except that it was still raining hard. She must have figured I maybe was the lesser of two evils.”
Bailey smiled, “Smart girl.”
“I don’t know, Dad, she’s going to be a tough one.”
The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11.
Thousands of young American girls have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves. While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world — Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example — few people know it happens in the United States.
UNICEF estimates that 2 million children per year are exploited in prostitution or pornography.
As many as 300,000 American youth may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation at any time. Especially vulnerable are the homeless and runaways…one third of runaway youths—girls and boys both—will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours on the streets.
The life expectancy of a sex slave is just seven years; number one cause of death, homicide, number two, AIDs.

Book 1 The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking
(Emma is raped, abducted, placed in high end Las Vegas prostitution.)
Book 2 Emma Gets Payback
(Emma has escaped. She and new best friend, Alexis, have spent six months living with her foster father and renewing themselves. She then goes to college to pursue child psychology and criminal justice so that she can help other girls. But even in the so-called safety of a college campus, her past comes back to haunt her.)
Book 3 The Lure of Pornography
( 2nd year of college Emma goes undercover into the dark world of pornography, to help take down a site brutalizing underage girls.)
Book 4 The Little Girl From Down the Street (Look for it soon; waiting for cover to be finished) (Today’s photo is the cover; needs text)
Book 5 Sorority Animal House (Look for it mid-to-late 2015)
This 5-minute video is heartbreaking and hard to watch. The blindfolds show us how too many in America treat human trafficking: we don’t directly see it, therefore….

This 2-minute video relates a partial story of just one victim, Jessie Foster, and her parents’ unfailing love for her.

Post 3 of 4 from my “Daughters” series

Daughters book Front Cover 3 v07 Black
(Includes mentions of upcoming Books 4 & 5)

Look for a sales announcement at the end of this post
Daughters is my continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Eighteen-year-old Emma is the strong female lead in all books of the series.

Look for a sad but very beautiful song at the end of this post about Human Trafficking “Beautiful Slave,” by Take No Glory

Daughters Book 3, The Lure of Pornography (58,000 words) (multiple viewpoint)
Emma, in her second year of college (studying psychology & criminal justice) goes undercover into the dark world of pornography.
Yes, it’s legal, but an online writer has stumbled onto a website showing brutal training methods and has posted a description for the whole world to see. It’s pretty clear he thinks the girls in the short clips are underage, which would make this particular site illegal.
One of Emma’s college mentors has seen the blog post, knows her plans, and contacts her. She reads the post, decides to find the location of the porn studio, and—one way or another—help take it down. She had planned to attend classes year-round and graduate early, but this is more important. She knows it could be dangerous, but helping young girls in trouble has become her life goal.
Emma has the main POV, but Book 3 also requires a viewpoint from 15-year-old Raelynn, one of the girls lured, and 19-year-old Jayden, the boy who does the luring.
Excerpt from Chapter 3 “Her Assignment” (Emma has the viewpoint)
Royce is her mentor and her boss at the university library where she works.

Royce reached over and clicked the screen to something benign, “There you have it, Emma. Your…job—if you choose to take it on—is to find this blogger and the two of you—if he’s willing—track down the physical location of where they train those girls—“
“‘Train?’” she exclaimed, again unable to accept, right then, that what she had just read could even be true.
“I’m sorry, I should have said where they brutalize those girls.”
“It’s okay, Royce, I know what you meant…I guess.”
“He, this blogger, sounds pretty sure those girls are mostly underage, and with the number of fourteen to sixteen-year-olds disappearing constantly, he’s probably correct. And, to me, he sounds like he wants to do something about it too…but doesn’t know how. That’s where you come in…or could come in.”
Stunned, she just sat looking at the frozen screen. She had experienced much of what the blogger described during her own short stay in the world of high-end prostitution, but she had never allowed herself to believe how prevalent it was. I’ve been learning about the dark side of the social world for almost two years in college, but still I’ve been dreaming, not fully aware of what’s really going on—
“So, what do you say, Emma?”
“I…I have to think about it, Royce.”
“Of course—oh! And you have nearly two years of advanced computer training. I’ve already spoken to your professor. She thinks you could learn to hack pretty quickly.”
She felt her eyes scowl slightly at mention of the word ‘hack,’ then, “Hack?”
“Yes, ‘hack.’ To do a good job in the field where you are going, you will need to become a computer expert.”
She realized she hadn’t allowed herself to think that far ahead, and might just draw the line on ‘hacking,’ “You said, ‘that’s where I come in,’ what did you mean, exactly?”
“You are young, Emma, and you look much younger than you are….” He hesitated.
“You’re small, and slim, and innocent-looking…you are how that guy described the girls in the clips: vulnerable and breakable. In the right setting, out there…well…I’m sorry to be so blunt, Emma, but you are what those monsters want.”
Excerpt from Chapter 12 “Raelynn & Maggie Meet”
Fifteen-year-old Raelynn has the viewpoint. She has just skipped school and will soon taste her first nonalcoholic beer.
Fifteen-year-old Maggie has also skipped school, but her plans go a little further.

“Wow, thank you.” Maggie poured her pop and took a quick drink.
“So, are you skipping school too?” Raelynn asked.
“I dunno, is that what you’re doing?”
“Yeah, kind of, I guess.” Raelynn poured her new pop and took a drink, “I’ve almost gone home a couple times, but, well, what the heck? I’m here now. I’m in trouble no matter what, so what about you?”
“Actually, I’m….” Maggie stopped, then took another drink, “I think I’m going to just leave. I don’t have any good friends, the boys in school are all pricks, and my parents—that is, my mother and her boyfriend—shit, they never talk to me…unless I’m in trouble about something.”
Raelynn reached and put her hand on Maggie’s arm, “I’m sorry. What about your little brother?”
Maggie half laughed, “I don’t have one—I don’t have anybody!”
Raelynn withdrew her hand. Maggie’s life sounded too much like her own. But worse.
Her burger arrived, “Here you are, kid,” the owner said, “Anything else for your friend?”
Maggie looked up, “No thank you, sir.” Her eyes were big…and empty-looking.
Raelynn tore into her burger, and set the plate of fries between them, “Have some, Maggie, if you want.” Then she called to the bar owner and said between chews, “Oh, this burger is delicious, sir!”
“Thanks, kid!”
Maggie continued just sipping on her drink, and occasionally took a fry, “I’m going to leave, Raelynn….” She looked up, “Want to come with me?”
Excerpt from Chapter 20 “A Little Conscience”
Nineteen-year-old Jayden has the viewpoint. He’s the “cool” boy, and feeling a little different about things…but the deed is done.

Even though famished, Jayden didn’t stop in Portland for breakfast. He wanted to get as far away from the big city as possible, and as quickly as possible. Both girls just had to look at him—twice! Once when he was still by the car, and then again as they were being led away. Lucky he had gotten the message about stopping at that house. Those two still didn’t tell him much and he didn’t ask. He suspected they just wanted to check him out—and his girls—to be sure he was legit, and not a cop, or something, so mostly they just talked about guy things and smoked pot and drank beer. True, he still didn’t know what was going to happen to his girls, not exactly for absolutely certain-sure anyway.
Yeah, right, his girls.
And he didn’t care! They all dressed like little hookers so they deserved to have to pay up! He guessed Raelynn was dressed all right. After all, she had been heading for school, and then had just changed her mind, but Maggie, well, Maggie was dressed all right too—but under that sweater there wasn’t much top he was pretty sure—she probably was nearly bare! Bitch! That’s why she wore the sweater, to cover herself, until she was ready to make her move…whatever that would have been. Well, he suspected she would soon be uncovered all the way, and she deserved it!
He just didn’t care; he got paid well for his trouble and he just did not care!
If he could change anything he would place the shallow cheerleaders and prom queens in that place rather than nice girls like Raelynn and Maggie, especially Raelynn—
He hit the steering wheel, Fuck it! I just don’t care!
The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11.
Thousands of young American girls have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves. While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world — Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example — few people know it happens in the United States.
UNICEF estimates that 2 million children per year are exploited in prostitution or pornography.
As many as 300,000 American youth may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation at any time. Especially vulnerable are the homeless and runaways…one third of runaway youths—girls and boys both—will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours on the streets.
The life expectancy of a sex slave is just seven years; number one cause of death, homicide, number two, AIDs.

Book 1, The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking
(Emma is raped, abducted, placed in high end Las Vegas prostitution.)
Book 2, Emma Gets Payback
(Emma has escaped, she and new best friend, Alexis, have spent six months living with her foster father and renewing themselves, then she goes to college to pursue child psychology and criminal justice so that she can help other girls, but even in the so-called safety of a college campus, her past comes back to haunt her.)
Book 3, The Lure of Pornography
( 2nd year of college Emma goes undercover into the dark world of pornography, to help take down a site brutalizing underage girls.)
Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street (Look for it early-to-mid 2015)
Book 5, Sorority Animal House (Look for it mid-to-late 2015)

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Next week look for excerpts from Books 4 & 5, both due to release in 2015.

A sad song, “Beautiful Slave” by “Take No Glory.”