New World Order Rising Book 1 “The Abduction”

New World Order Rising-Book 1 Front Cover
From the Introduction The Illuminati
“Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.”
They go by many names, including, Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Freemasons, the “shadow government” and the New World Order.
They fill their coffers by drugs, pornography, prostitution, gun-running….
From the prologue:
Masters, an elite old man near the top of the Illuminati pyramid, has just been shown what’s on a CD.
“She just passed her sixth birthday, sir.”
Then the girl looked behind her. The camera moved to include the mother, also the rarest of beauty.
“Do you know them?” the old man asked.
“Yes, since childhood.”
“Are they friends?”
“They were, in the past.”
“But no longer.” The old man observed the younger man, watching for any sign of falsehood. There appeared to be none. “What happened?”
“We grew apart.”
“Yes, so many times that happens to childhood friends.”
“So you have no qualms?”
“I want the child,” the old man said, “Do as you wish with the mother.”

Excerpt from Chapter 1 Storybook Farm
Carter Banks, 47, is visiting his sister’s farm, along with his daughter, Chantal, 24, and granddaughter, Dodie, 6 (pronounced doe-dee, like the female deer.) First excerpt describes Carter and Chantal, second excerpt describes Dodie.

“Not too fast now,” Carter said.
Chantal sent him a huge grin, “Yeah, sure, right, Dad!” She looked directly at him, her eyes snapping. He always took those looks to study his daughter’s face. She was so beautiful. Her dark eyebrows matched her rich black hair perfectly. Her blue eyes truly were like two sapphires. Her lips were always naturally red. She was so the picture of her late mother. It seemed when Chantal was getting ready to do something she loved she would always send that look to her father, and he always experienced a run of times when the three of them were still together.
Then she spun her horse and squeezed Sheikh’s sides with her legs, gave a couple clicks with her tongue and—nearly instantly—a gallop.
Right, he thought, sixty miles per hour in ten seconds flat.
“Grampa, I sure like coming out to the farm. I wish we could live here.”
He looked at that charming and very serious face. How beautiful she was, and how like her mother, who at the same age had asked the same exact question. And he, too, wished the exact same thing, but he not only couldn’t afford to make the move to the farm—right then, anyway—but Chantal’s husband, Mason, would never agree to it. “I wish we could live out here, too, sweetheart.” The words slipped out. He didn’t want to encourage the idea, but, what the heck? It’s what he wanted too, “Maybe someday.”
Excerpt from Chapter 2 Whit Malcolm
This young man has suffered from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) since childhood. As an adult he lives near the edge emotionally. He’s chosen by the Illuminati to be drugged, microchipped, and brainwashed, to carry out the next mass-shooting…and then, as the sirens approach, to commit suicide, so that law enforcement cannot question him.

When he remembered that far back past his mind always wandered to the negative, to his mother making sure he took that pill in the morning and evening and twice during the day on the honor system. All through his youth he had never missed taking the pills, and had never discussed the side effects with anyone. He didn’t care. To keep everybody happy he just took the pills to be done with it.
Excerpt from Chapter 4 The Son-in-law
In the paragraph following the excerpt, Carter’s daughter and granddaughter will be abducted by professionals hired by the Illuminati. He won’t see it happen, only will hear tires squealing.

His heart swelled in fondness. How he loved those two children. Yes, Chantal was twenty-four, but she would always be his little girl. They kept waving and moved on, and he kept waving…then they disappeared. His heart gave an extra little beat, as it always did, as if he feared he wouldn’t see his children again.
Excerpt from Chapter 7 Harley Maxwell, Ex-army Special Ops
Carter, Chantal, Dodie, and Whit Malcolm share the viewpoint. Harley Maxwell is the fifth main character but never has the viewpoint. We see Harley through the eyes of Carter. In these two excerpts Harley is describing the Illuminati.

“So, who, exactly, are these people…?”
“Mostly men, but there are some hardcore women too. The leaders are top politicians, the corporate elite, and the so-called royal bloodlines. They want to create a fascist one-world government, one currency and a one-world army, they especially want to destroy the middle class, which would leave just the elite and their servants, their slaves—and the slaves, of course, would be microchipped. It would be known twenty-four hours a day exactly where the slaves are and what they’re doing.”
“Kind of sounds like Orwell’s 1984.”
Second excerpt from Chapter 10 Illuminati Goals & Tactics
“In the ideal Illuminati world they want to have eighty-five percent fewer people, just enough for slaves to keep the Illuminati happy and well-fed.” Harley reached to Carter’s shoulder and squeezed, “They plan to kill billions of people, my friend, and nobody will even know who did it. Even then they won’t be truly exposed. Not till the deed is done and just the mind-controlled slave population remains.”
Excerpt from Chapter 13 More With Chantal
Chantal’s viewpoint. She and daughter, Dodie, have been abducted. They’re traveling by car.

The only light came from the auto’s dashboard. Barely moving she peeked up. The man with the evil face had a large head. He was bald. She wondered how long he had been staring at her, as that certainly was what he was doing. His eyes were cold. She saw absolutely no feeling in them. No emotion. Just evil. Who are you? Where am I? What do you want?
“You have questions,” he said as a statement.
She knew she hadn’t spoken. She knew she had made no sound, yet he had read her mind—had he?
“No, I cannot read your mind.”
He did it again!
“You and your daughter have been very good. No crying. No screaming…you have been an easy assignment.”
“Too bad your good conduct will not help you.” He turned away, “Keep it up. We will be there soon.”
Excerpt from chapter 17 First Sighting of the black Uniforms
The chase has reached Kansas; Carter’s viewpoint.

Carter let out a breath, doubled his fists, then covered his eyes, Dear Lord, please watch over my children. He didn’t pray, not ever. He believed in God, yes, but never felt like he should pray, that he should ask for things, but for the safety and return of his children he would do anything, even pray.
Excerpt from Chapter 21 Dodie’s Value
Dodie’s viewpoint; she is separated from her mom and on a plane.

She remembered a rough ride and feeling funny and heavy as the plane went down the runway, then everything smoothed out. Of course, Dodie had never been on a plane. She didn’t understand her feelings but she knew something was not right. Something was really not right!
The woman left her seat, and looked at her. Dodie closed her eyes and tried to scrunch down.
“You can’t hide, little girl, and you have nothing to fear.”
“Where’s my mom?”
Beginning Saturday, January 17, 2015 (meaning Friday midnight) look for a free download at Amazon.
The following 7-minute video gives a condensed taste of what the Illuminati and the New World Order might be about. For myself, it gives me shivers.

The second video is from George Carlin. I never cared for him, but the 3-minute video suggests he knows what he’s talking about. What I noticed, the Illuminati, the NWO, he never mentions by name. I think here he’s talking about the so-called “Shadow Government” which, to me, is the same as the two not mentioned. What bothers me here, what bothers me about all evil, is that these people once were children…or were they?

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