New World Order Rising Book 2 The New Civil War

the new civil war color2-27-14
At the end of this post look for a song by folk rock singer Neil Young that relates to the story. Also look for a sales announcement.
Excerpts from Chapter 10 Harley’s Apartment
Carter has gone to Harley’s apartment (his late best friend) to get the man’s computer, in hopes of finding some information on the whereabouts of granddaughter, Dodie.

“All right.” She started away, “Nice to meet you, ah, Mister…”
“Nice to meet you too, ma’am.” He turned the key, entered the apartment, closed the door and locked it again. God, will she be waiting for me with a club when I leave here? He had never in his life told even a white lie—whatever the hell a white lie was, and in the last several minutes he had lost count of his many lies. Well, for God, country, and my family, I guess I can lie right through my teeth.
He had made no preparations, believed none of the apocalyptic underground conspiracy stories of bad times coming, had actually thought that none of that political junk pertained to him. He guessed he thought all he had ever had to do was vote for his chosen candidates and they would do their jobs and all would be well….
Until his beautiful daughter and granddaughter were abducted.
Well, he guessed he had finally waked up.
Welcome to the New World Order, Carter, we hope you will have a pleasant journey.
Excerpt from Chapter 15 Jocelyn
Seven-year-old Jocelyn (rescued from the Satanists) has the viewpoint, and is learning about love, trust, safety, for the first time. She’s also about to ride a horse for the first time. Chantal is her new proxy-adopted mother.

Standing nearby and watching, she began to breathe a little faster and feel a little shaky. She had never been on a horse. She had never even seen a horse other than television. She had never gone to a carnival or circus, or even gone shopping at a mall. She had never done anything that most little seven-year-old girls had done many, many, more times than once…and she had never—before Carter and Chantal—heard someone say ‘I love you.’ But in the last few minutes she had heard Chantal say it to her twice.
Excerpt from Chapter 27 Einar Mitchel, a Man of Good Sense
Carter has the viewpoint while listening to an old “liberal” farmer telling it like it is.

“Right, Dani.” Einar looked right at her, “It’s the so-called ‘shadow’ government. Believe it or not, my dear, from my mid-twenties I have known that people way, way, back behind the scenes were calling the shots in government. But I couldn’t do a thing about it. I had no real, real, clue back then. It took the appearance of computers to change things, and even then it didn’t change until computers became cheap enough and efficient enough so that almost anybody could buy and operate one.”
Einar again settled back against his chair, “So was born the god-damned conspiracy theorist!”
Excerpt from Chapter 31 Killer From the Sky
In this entire short scene, Chantal has the viewpoint. The second—deadlier—battle has just ended. The relationship that grows between proxy-adopted seven-year-old Jocelyn, and Carter, her proxy-adopted grandfather, melts even the heart of the author.

“Get him on the stretcher, and get a tourniquet on that leg!” Chantal knelt beside her father and held his head stable as four others lifted him onto a stretcher, “Dad, can you hear me?” She saw Mavis applying the tourniquet, and saw his eyes fluttering, “Daddy, please…!” She rose with the stretcher bearers and gripped his hand, “Daddy, if you can hear me, please, squeeze my hand!” He did, barely. She dropped his hand, “Get him up to the house and then get back here! We have more wounded!”
Then she finally noticed Jocelyn beside her father, holding onto his hand…and carrying a gun, the tiny one he said he had allowed her to shoot—and it was cocked! She hurried to Jocelyn’s side, and noticed the brave little girl had her finger off the trigger and stiffly beside it, just like her daddy probably had showed her, “Jocelyn, honey, please let me have that.” She tried to sound calm, “I’ll just keep it for you, honey.”
Big-eyed but steady, Jocelyn looked at her, then handed over the gun and rejoined her dad and held his hand as they continued toward the house. She released the hammer on the gun and put it on safety. Why did Jocelyn have the gun? Why is she even out here?
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This song by Neil Young is one of my favorites. Just before the second battle, Carter is thinking about this very song, and comparing it to what was coming down the road toward them. Hope you enjoy….

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