New World Order Rising Book 3 The Next Generation Fights On

New World Order Rising-Book 3 Cover2 front
At the end of this post look for a song by one of my favorites, “Coming to America” by Neil Diamond. True, we are a nation of immigrants, but some immigrants today are balking at blending in…but right here in my post is the wrong place for politics. Also at the end look for a sales announcement.
Ten years have passed. Jocelyn is now a graceful, strong, and sinuous seventeen-year-old. Dodie is now a vibrant and beautiful sixteen-year-old, nearly a perfect picture of her mother, Chantal. She’s still trapped on that isolated island in the Mediterranean but she’s planning her escape.
Excerpt from Chapter 1 Warrior Jocelyn
She has been on a scouting mission, ordered by Beth, not okayed by Carter.

She ran her hand over the 30-30 Winchester lever-action rifle Carter had given her for her biggest armament when riding, then she dismounted, stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Blue’s neck, “I want to go now, girl, and I bet you do too. I bet you’re just dying to run like the wind those last ten miles…aren’t you?”
Blue shook her head again and lightly stomped her right front foot.
“I knew it!” Jocelyn swung back up into the saddle, tightened her legs on Blue’s sides, gave a quiet couple clicks of her lips and gently slapped Blue’s rump, “Go, girl! Go like the wind!”
And they did.
Excerpt from Chapter 7 Reflecting
Carter, concerned about Jocelyn’s whereabouts, takes a quiet break.

He waved back, and felt a breath leave him. How he loved his beautiful daughter. Then he walked toward that giant Elm tree that his little sister, Danielle, had named as their cemetery site. He remembered well what she had said to Sawyer, ‘Our cemetery will be there, and, Sawyer, plan for more graves, so mow a pretty good piece.’
How right she was, and she, along with five others killed in their second battle with the super soldiers, became the next residents. He stopped at the edge and gazed quietly at row after row of white wooden crosses, each painted with the name of a militia man or woman. How many now? He guessed more than a hundred, so they had many times increased the cemetery’s size.
Excerpt from Chapter 15 Alone on the Mediterranean
Dodie has escaped from her abductors; her plan is to get to Spain, then hitch a ride across the Atlantic, occupied eastern America, finally home to her Aunt Dani’s farm in North Dakota.

Dodie had tried to keep the bow of her boat on about 270 degrees—due west—all night, and felt thankful the water was fairly calm. By morning she was adding fuel for…she didn’t remember how many times. It never took much. Of course she wasn’t trying to go fast, not at night anyway, but she thought the boat must be getting pretty good mileage. She didn’t know what fuel consumption would be called on a boat, so went with mileage…something the old man had neglected to tell her, she guessed.
Excerpt from Chapter 17 About Beth
When there is betrayal by a thought-trustworthy one, what must be done to protect everybody else? Carter’s viewpoint.

Everyone in the whole farm militia-campsite was there, except perimeter guards. Three men and three women with M16s, butts on the ground beside them at a restful Order Arms, stood in a line facing a post stuck in the ground fifty feet away. The post had been installed just the night before, and would immediately be removed after the execution.
Carter, Jocelyn, staunch beside him, stood just to the right of the line and about ten feet behind. The two of them would have a full view.
His mind was pretty much empty of emotion. After his recognition of the necessity of the situation the night before, and his acceptance of it, his consciousness had prepared him to face the morning and the event with the face of a general, a general with his lieutenant—in full battle gear—right beside him.
Excerpt from Chapter 36 Dodie’s anger
Dodie has spent many days traveling back to North Dakota expecting to again be loved by her family. She gets a little upset when seeing another girl seemingly in her place.

Different, more gentle, music brought Dodie back to life. She jerked up to see—and there stood that slut-bitch, holding a bouquet of flowers! A good-looking guy stood beside her—was she getting married too? No, likely not, as she wasn’t dressed in white. Before her and the guy stood a tiny girl and a small boy…yes, the flower girl and ring-bearer. In her many travels on the old man’s computer she had learned about weddings, and had always held out hope that she would be so lucky someday to find a good young man to love and marry.
The two little ones started down the aisle, the little girl spreading flower petals and whole flowers, the little boy just watching her and tagging along…that’s so sweet. She smiled. She couldn’t help herself.
The slut-bitch girl, smiling her fucking face off, then started down the aisle too, between the two lines of smiling people. There too the guy just seemed to be following along, as he couldn’t take his eyes off who he was walking with—that slut-BITCH!!!!
Dodie had never felt such anger in her whole life—who is that fucking slut-bitch?!!!
Then appeared at the head of the aisle some guy she didn’t know, and…her mom! Her stomach nearly turned inside out. Not only had that slut-bitch taken over with both her grampa and her mom, but her mom was marrying some other guy! So where was her dad? Was he dead? She tried to think of what he looked like. She couldn’t remember, but did remember that he had never spent much time with her. She couldn’t think of even one good memory.
As she watched, four other couples—the women all pretty, all dressed in white—moved to the head of the two lines of people. Then a man wearing a cowboy hat stepped before them and nodded deeply to each of the five couples.
Excerpt from Chapter 37 The Wedding
A militia from Montana, which includes a preacher-man, has just married five couples, not including Jocelyn, maid-of-honor.

“I now pronounce you husbands and wives!” said the minister in the cowboy hat from Montana, “You may now kiss your brides!”
Maid-of-honor Jocelyn turned to the young man who had escorted her down the aisle. He gave her a huge smile and swept her into his arms and the kiss that followed sent little seventeen-year-old Jocelyn into a head-spin, and she allowed herself to just relax into his arms. Her first romantic kiss, and it couldn’t have come from someone more admired by her then the special forces-navy Seal-soldier, Todd, who had taught her to fight.
How they had chosen him to be Best Man for all the couples and to walk beside her down the aisle, she didn’t know, and didn’t care, but finally the kiss ended and she leaned back, and looked into the deep blue eyes of this man who had just swept her off her feet, “Todd….” She couldn’t think of a thing to say to match the magic moment just passed.
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