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“Daughters” Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street

Daughters 4 Front Cover
Daughters is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.

At the end of this post look for a beautiful song, so beautiful it breaks my heart:
“Beautiful Slave” by Take No Glory
The second song “She” by Natmozzie, is not quite as beautiful, but the message is just as strong.
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Childhood should be for Children
Fayanne has pretty auburn hair and green eyes, but doesn’t smile much. At nine she’s losing her mom to Alzheimer’s. She’s too young to understand what it means when her mom gets that funny look in her eyes and then sometimes acts like she doesn’t even know her…but the worst is what her mom’s boyfriend does to her at night. She wonders if what he does is right, and good, and should she like it? She has questions but nobody to ask, until one day while walking to school she meets another man, a nice man. They talk, a lot, but she’s afraid to ask him that one question she really wants to know.
Excerpt from Chapter 2 Their Next Ride
Fayanne and her mom have been living under an interstate bridge.

The man was offering them a way out of the cold and wet. For a few seconds she felt sorry for the other families, but the older man had said ‘Somebody will come for’em.’ It didn’t occur to her that of the other families, the only other child was the little boy.
Nobody else had a pretty nine-year-old girl.
The weather had been getting warmer so those people would be okay—and they were going to get help—she was sure. The guy in the dark uniform had said so, had said he’d be back with a van. It was a lot for a nine-year-old to think about. She had to think first of herself and her mom. As she and her mom approached the back seat of the car she noticed the younger man looking at her in the same way the older man had. It bothered her, but….
What she didn’t notice was the woman she had spoken with earlier, looking disapprovingly at what was happening…but homeless people were at a great disadvantage to do or say anything if they perceived something maybe was wrong. Better just to remain quiet.
Excerpt from Chapter 12 Home
Emma is home from college. Here she is visiting with her adopted dad, Bailey.

“She has been stopping here on her way to school in the mornings, and wants to talk. I mean, if I’m outside in the yard, or the garage, she stops.”
“How often?”
“Well, every day last week. I guess if I’m not outside she doesn’t stop. After the second visit I’ve tried to be outside at the right time, and she has never come to the door and knocked….”
“What does she want to talk about?”
“That’s just it. She talks about everything but what she wants to talk about…at least what I think she wants to talk about.”
“Right.” He glanced toward her, “She lives with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, and the boyfriend has a son.”
“So a stepfather—sort of—and a stepbrother.”
‘Sort of,’ right. They—the mother and daughter—arrived in Abundance about a week ago. I know, because the boyfriend works at the cabinet factory same as me, and, well…
“You don’t like him.”
“It’s not that I exactly don’t like him.”
“But you think he could be capable of…something.”
“I don’t know. It’s just a feeling, and the girl’s mother…,” Again he shook his head, “I’ve met her just once. She came to the factory, right into the breakroom. I didn’t exactly meet her but I did see her interaction with the man….”
“I think she’s a bit retarded, Emma, and if Fayanne needs help—“
Book 1, The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking
(Emma is raped, abducted, placed in high end Las Vegas prostitution.)
Book 2, Emma Gets Payback
(Emma has escaped, she and new best friend, Alexis, have spent six months living with her foster father and renewing themselves, then she goes to college to pursue child psychology and criminal justice so that she can help other girls, but even in the so-called safety of a college campus, her past comes back to haunt her.)
Book 3, The Lure of Pornography
( 2nd year of college Emma goes undercover into the dark world of pornography, to help take down a site brutalizing underage girls.)
Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street
Book 5, Sorority Animal House (Look for it mid-to-late 2015)
The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11.
Thousands of young American girls have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves. While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world — Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example — few people know it happens in the United States.
UNICEF estimates that 2 million children per year are exploited in prostitution or pornography.
As many as 300,000 American youth may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation at any time. Especially vulnerable are the homeless and runaways…one third of runaway youths—girls and boys both—will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours on the streets.
The life expectancy of a sex slave is just seven years; number one cause of death, homicide, number two, AIDs.
Look for a free Amazon digital download beginning Monday, March 2 (meaning midnight Sunday.)

A Charming Baby Girl

2-13 Wildlife 008
This article I wrote a few years ago when I was allowed to enter this charming little girl’s life. Only temporarily it has turned out. But it happened, she charmed me, and I’ll always have those memories. I have many photos of her, but because of privacy, which I firmly believe in, I won’t show them. Instead, from my other files, I’ll pick a couple sunrises, which, besides a rising sun, suggests rising new life. Also, I’ll look for a baby-girl-music video to share at the end of this post.
The baby girl is now an armful. I think she has doubled her weight since the last time I saw her, and she is very active, very busy reaching for anything within her grasp, and for many more things just beyond her grasp. When she gets a hold of something, first she examines it with her hands and fingers, exploring each curve and valley and bump. If she decides she likes what she has found it will be gripped tightly and transferred to her mouth. If her mom OK’s what she has found Mom will allow it, if not Mom will take it away and baby will look for something else to grab her attention.

And something always will. She grabs the skin of my neck, tightly. Her grip for a tiny child seems amazing. She holds on, and pulls, but of course the skin of my neck will not so easily transfer to her mouth, so, at last she lets go and looks for something else of interest. She discovers the frayed threads of the blue jean jacket where I cut off the sleeves in order to have a vest. She examines the threads very carefully, but evidently decides they won’t do much for her soon-appearing teeth.

Her teeth haven’t poked through yet but they are there, growing and pushing toward the surface of this charming baby’s gums.

Mom hands her something appropriate, something soft but a little stiff too, something just right for those little gums to bite on. This darling baby smiles and goes to work with both hands and all her fingers.

Her little body fills both my hands and arms. She definitely is a mover. I hold on and cherish these few moments, for I know they won’t last long. She’s growing and growing and soon will not be a little baby who one can hang onto. Next she’ll be crawling, then walking, and on and on, leaving her babyhood behind.

So these few moments of her babyhood need be treasured by every adult who loves her, and every child even slightly older than her who loves her, and that love will grow and grow and change as she grows and grows and changes.

This enchanting baby girl has a mother and father who love her without reserve, and care for her for the princess that she is, and two brothers who love her and protect her, and I can’t even begin to name all the other adults in this child’s life who love her, would do anything for her, and all the future people who will meet her and come to love her.

In thanks for all these good things bestowed on her, all this baby girl has to do is smile.

And smile she does.
I held her, fed her, carried her against my chest, changed her diaper, and loved her. I still do. I always will. Soon she will be five-years-old. Some day, if she is allowed to learn I exist, maybe she will want to know me.
The charming baby girl in this video is so close to the charming baby girl I remember and love, that my heart melts and my tears form.

“Daughters” Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street

Daughters 4 Front Cover
Daughters is my continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18.

Book 4 still in finishing mode, maybe another week. I will try.
Here is a repeat of the back cover description.
Fayanne has pretty auburn hair and green eyes, but doesn’t smile much. At nine she’s losing her mom to Alzheimer’s. She’s too young to understand what it means when her mom gets that funny look in her eyes and then sometimes acts like she doesn’t even know her…but the worst is what her mom’s boyfriend does to her at night. She wonders if what he does is right, and good, and should she likeit? She has questions but nobody to ask, until one day while walking to school she meets another man, a nice man. They talk, a lot, but she’s afraid to ask him that one question she really wants to know.
Yes, I’m still learning about this author stuff. Recently I read that I should be posting about my next book six months in advance. Wow! Who knew?
So, I will. “Daughters,” Book 5, is in the mill right now, 20,000 words in. No cover yet. And will be controversial. It might even get me in trouble, because I will be suggesting that some girls are bad.
Quite bad. Sadistically bad.
Up to now, the four books in the series have mostly shown bad guys. Book 5 will show a whole bunch of really bad girls. That is not meant in a comedic sense, not like the 2004 movie Mean Girls, starring the often-spoken-ill-of Lindsey Lohan. (Yes, I’m a fan of Lindsey’s.) The girls in that movie were definitely mean, but not quite in the sense of my upcoming Book 5.
So over the coming months I will try to share an occasional excerpt. Look for a blurb soon.
Here’s a 5-minute video “A Song to Stop Bullying, by Rachel Crow.” A cute girl giving a sensitive talk and then singing a cute and sensitive song. I was lucky to find it because it goes along with Book 4. Rachel admits to having been bullied in the fourth grade, same as the fictional Fayanne.

North Korea is Dark

And maybe the most dangerous place on the planet.

Very little action in this 3-minute video (in fact, no action) just quiet, kind of eerie music, and the sound–my best guess–of iron doors closing on the people: the Iron Curtain.

This article I wrote originally for, about the time the Syrian civil war began.
North Korea cannot—yet—threaten North America, and she is not likely to cause any fear among anybody but her South Korean brethren. Even South Korea likely won’t feel much fear. After all, South Korea has the nuclear shield of the US.
So how can I say North Korea might just be ‘the most dangerous place on the planet?’
Well, let me list the ways: First it’s a nation of over 24 million people, a good many of which are hungry. Malnutrition in children can lead to less than good functioning brain power. In other words, of the next generation of children to fill out the military a good many will not be bright, in other words more dangerous…just like the last generation and the present generation.
We were about to begin more talks with this dark nation about food for the hungry, in return a promise by North Korea to stop production of nuclear weapons, or limit production, or something like that. Just one more promise that the North Korean leadership will have no intention of keeping. As I said we were close to beginning, or close to concluding. I don’t know which, but the death of leader Kim Jong Il put a stop to that. And Kim Jong Un, who Kim Jong Il introduced as his successor awhile back is now in charge.
Oh boy, I am going to have trouble with these names, but I probably don’t have to worry about offending anybody in North Korea. I’m pretty sure most people over there don’t have the internet or computers. Some in the government do, though (as we found out in 2014 over the hooptedoo about that movie…if it really was North Korea) but do they look at a site such as the open and friendly (And now my blog?)
I doubt it.
Okay, what else makes North Korea dangerous?
At 1,106,000 active personnel, she has the 4th largest military in the world. (I’ve heard 5th largest too, but what difference could it make?) Also, she has a reserve force of 8,200,000 personnel. I wonder, do those reserve personnel keep a weapon at home–like the Swiss–so they can be instantly ready for war? (Do the Swiss still keep their weapon ready at home?) Whatever, that is a huge amount of Korean peoplepower available to charge across the de-militarized zone quite quickly, and probably under a barrage of tank and artillery fire.
So what else does North Korea have? Well, since I looked it up I will list: 5000 tanks and a good number of other large caliber guns, 1650 aircraft including 79 airports that likely can maintain military aircraft, 328 helicopters, 708 ships a good many of which are small craft, yes, but also 58 submarines.
Oh yes, and the fissionable material to produce 2-9 nuclear weapons. I know, that’s pretty vague. Unfortunately we don’t have good intelligence coming out of that dark country. They did fire a missile after the death of Kim…before or after? I don’t remember, and it doesn’t matter. North Korea is showing us that she matters as a powerful nation. Maybe it was the new leader Kim Jong Un testing…I don’t know what. His prowess as a warrior, maybe. One comment I heard was that he is a violent little guy, and probably has grown up playing video war games.
I should probably explain my title for this hub: “North Korea is Dark.”
You probably know about that rotating globe on ABC’s World News, how wherever the gazillions of people live, our planet is lit up nearly as bright as the sun. Places like eastern North America, Europe, several places in Asia and South America, a few in Australia and a few in Africa, are really burning up the energy.
All but one place.
Recently, MSN included in their 7 internet headlines a satellite picture of a part of western Asia, and yes, the lights were bright, except for a jagged outline north of South Korea. South Korea itself was lit up like a neon sign, but North Korea?
Not one light. Not one. (Well, I guess if one looks really closely….)
(I was lucky to find a photo at YouTube.)
Those poor people. They are hungry and in the dark, and they are probably tired of being treated like animals by their leadership.
Yes, we’ve seen TV pictures of North Koreans crying for their fallen leader, but that’s maybe just for the official cameras. An article in my newspaper today (back then) The Forum, Fargo, North Dakota, ends with this: “A foreigner who teaches in a university in Pyongyang said that students told about Kim’s death looked very serious but didn’t show any outward emotion. ‘There was a blanket of silence.’
Is that population, maybe especially the youth, ready to break free of their bonds? Yes, I think so. Will the North Korean army fire on them? Yes, I believe they will. When the day comes I believe the North Korean army will make the Syrian army look like a bunch of boy scouts.
This short video makes good sense, but it’s a bit frightening.

An 8-minute look at North Korea’s armament, thanks to Google Earth.

A 5-minute video showing morning in Pyongyang, more eerie music, and not a lot of activity. One quite comical part shows a traffic cop standing on a circle of raised concrete–in the middle of an intersection– directing…well, no traffic, but every few seconds she does an About Face. Where this video came from I don’t know. Satellites…? A video from North Korea herself? Good question.