“Daughters” Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street

Daughters 4 Front Cover
Daughters is my continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18.

Book 4 still in finishing mode, maybe another week. I will try.
Here is a repeat of the back cover description.
Fayanne has pretty auburn hair and green eyes, but doesn’t smile much. At nine she’s losing her mom to Alzheimer’s. She’s too young to understand what it means when her mom gets that funny look in her eyes and then sometimes acts like she doesn’t even know her…but the worst is what her mom’s boyfriend does to her at night. She wonders if what he does is right, and good, and should she likeit? She has questions but nobody to ask, until one day while walking to school she meets another man, a nice man. They talk, a lot, but she’s afraid to ask him that one question she really wants to know.
Yes, I’m still learning about this author stuff. Recently I read that I should be posting about my next book six months in advance. Wow! Who knew?
So, I will. “Daughters,” Book 5, is in the mill right now, 20,000 words in. No cover yet. And will be controversial. It might even get me in trouble, because I will be suggesting that some girls are bad.
Quite bad. Sadistically bad.
Up to now, the four books in the series have mostly shown bad guys. Book 5 will show a whole bunch of really bad girls. That is not meant in a comedic sense, not like the 2004 movie Mean Girls, starring the often-spoken-ill-of Lindsey Lohan. (Yes, I’m a fan of Lindsey’s.) The girls in that movie were definitely mean, but not quite in the sense of my upcoming Book 5.
So over the coming months I will try to share an occasional excerpt. Look for a blurb soon.
Here’s a 5-minute video “A Song to Stop Bullying, by Rachel Crow.” A cute girl giving a sensitive talk and then singing a cute and sensitive song. I was lucky to find it because it goes along with Book 4. Rachel admits to having been bullied in the fourth grade, same as the fictional Fayanne.

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