A Charming Baby Girl

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This article I wrote a few years ago when I was allowed to enter this charming little girl’s life. Only temporarily it has turned out. But it happened, she charmed me, and I’ll always have those memories. I have many photos of her, but because of privacy, which I firmly believe in, I won’t show them. Instead, from my other files, I’ll pick a couple sunrises, which, besides a rising sun, suggests rising new life. Also, I’ll look for a baby-girl-music video to share at the end of this post.
The baby girl is now an armful. I think she has doubled her weight since the last time I saw her, and she is very active, very busy reaching for anything within her grasp, and for many more things just beyond her grasp. When she gets a hold of something, first she examines it with her hands and fingers, exploring each curve and valley and bump. If she decides she likes what she has found it will be gripped tightly and transferred to her mouth. If her mom OK’s what she has found Mom will allow it, if not Mom will take it away and baby will look for something else to grab her attention.

And something always will. She grabs the skin of my neck, tightly. Her grip for a tiny child seems amazing. She holds on, and pulls, but of course the skin of my neck will not so easily transfer to her mouth, so, at last she lets go and looks for something else of interest. She discovers the frayed threads of the blue jean jacket where I cut off the sleeves in order to have a vest. She examines the threads very carefully, but evidently decides they won’t do much for her soon-appearing teeth.

Her teeth haven’t poked through yet but they are there, growing and pushing toward the surface of this charming baby’s gums.

Mom hands her something appropriate, something soft but a little stiff too, something just right for those little gums to bite on. This darling baby smiles and goes to work with both hands and all her fingers.

Her little body fills both my hands and arms. She definitely is a mover. I hold on and cherish these few moments, for I know they won’t last long. She’s growing and growing and soon will not be a little baby who one can hang onto. Next she’ll be crawling, then walking, and on and on, leaving her babyhood behind.

So these few moments of her babyhood need be treasured by every adult who loves her, and every child even slightly older than her who loves her, and that love will grow and grow and change as she grows and grows and changes.

This enchanting baby girl has a mother and father who love her without reserve, and care for her for the princess that she is, and two brothers who love her and protect her, and I can’t even begin to name all the other adults in this child’s life who love her, would do anything for her, and all the future people who will meet her and come to love her.

In thanks for all these good things bestowed on her, all this baby girl has to do is smile.

And smile she does.
I held her, fed her, carried her against my chest, changed her diaper, and loved her. I still do. I always will. Soon she will be five-years-old. Some day, if she is allowed to learn I exist, maybe she will want to know me.
The charming baby girl in this video is so close to the charming baby girl I remember and love, that my heart melts and my tears form.

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