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“Daughters” Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street

Daughters 4 Front Cover
Daughters is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.

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Childhood should be for Children
Fayanne has pretty auburn hair and green eyes, but doesn’t smile much. At nine she’s losing her mom to Alzheimer’s. She’s too young to understand what it means when her mom gets that funny look in her eyes and then sometimes acts like she doesn’t even know her…but the worst is what her mom’s boyfriend does to her at night. She wonders if what he does is right, and good, and should she like it? She has questions but nobody to ask, until one day while walking to school she meets another man, a nice man. They talk, a lot, but she’s afraid to ask him that one question she really wants to know.
Excerpt from Chapter 2 Their Next Ride
Fayanne and her mom have been living under an interstate bridge.

The man was offering them a way out of the cold and wet. For a few seconds she felt sorry for the other families, but the older man had said ‘Somebody will come for’em.’ It didn’t occur to her that of the other families, the only other child was the little boy.
Nobody else had a pretty nine-year-old girl.
The weather had been getting warmer so those people would be okay—and they were going to get help—she was sure. The guy in the dark uniform had said so, had said he’d be back with a van. It was a lot for a nine-year-old to think about. She had to think first of herself and her mom. As she and her mom approached the back seat of the car she noticed the younger man looking at her in the same way the older man had. It bothered her, but….
What she didn’t notice was the woman she had spoken with earlier, looking disapprovingly at what was happening…but homeless people were at a great disadvantage to do or say anything if they perceived something maybe was wrong. Better just to remain quiet.
Excerpt from Chapter 12 Home
Emma is home from college. Here she is visiting with her adopted dad, Bailey.

“She has been stopping here on her way to school in the mornings, and wants to talk. I mean, if I’m outside in the yard, or the garage, she stops.”
“How often?”
“Well, every day last week. I guess if I’m not outside she doesn’t stop. After the second visit I’ve tried to be outside at the right time, and she has never come to the door and knocked….”
“What does she want to talk about?”
“That’s just it. She talks about everything but what she wants to talk about…at least what I think she wants to talk about.”
“Right.” He glanced toward her, “She lives with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, and the boyfriend has a son.”
“So a stepfather—sort of—and a stepbrother.”
‘Sort of,’ right. They—the mother and daughter—arrived in Abundance about a week ago. I know, because the boyfriend works at the cabinet factory same as me, and, well…
“You don’t like him.”
“It’s not that I exactly don’t like him.”
“But you think he could be capable of…something.”
“I don’t know. It’s just a feeling, and the girl’s mother…,” Again he shook his head, “I’ve met her just once. She came to the factory, right into the breakroom. I didn’t exactly meet her but I did see her interaction with the man….”
“I think she’s a bit retarded, Emma, and if Fayanne needs help—“
Book 1, The Heartbreak of Human Trafficking
(Emma is raped, abducted, placed in high end Las Vegas prostitution.)
Book 2, Emma Gets Payback
(Emma has escaped, she and new best friend, Alexis, have spent six months living with her foster father and renewing themselves, then she goes to college to pursue child psychology and criminal justice so that she can help other girls, but even in the so-called safety of a college campus, her past comes back to haunt her.)
Book 3, The Lure of Pornography
( 2nd year of college Emma goes undercover into the dark world of pornography, to help take down a site brutalizing underage girls.)
Book 4, The Little Girl From Down the Street
Book 5, Sorority Animal House (Look for it mid-to-late 2015)
The FBI estimates that well over 100,000 children and young women are trafficked in America today. They range in age from 9 to 19, with the average age being 11.
Thousands of young American girls have been abducted or lured from their normal lives and made into sex slaves. While many Americans have heard of human trafficking in other parts of the world — Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, for example — few people know it happens in the United States.
UNICEF estimates that 2 million children per year are exploited in prostitution or pornography.
As many as 300,000 American youth may be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation at any time. Especially vulnerable are the homeless and runaways…one third of runaway youths—girls and boys both—will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours on the streets.
The life expectancy of a sex slave is just seven years; number one cause of death, homicide, number two, AIDs.
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