Post 1 of 3 “Daughters” Book 5 Coming

This fun girl seems really, really, sincere, and I do believe (I HAVE to believe!) that by far most sororities are exactly as this girl describes. The video at the end of this post, however, suggests a much darker story about “some” sororities.
Daughters is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.
Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18. In Book 5, she is 22, finished with college, a bona fide social worker, well versed in criminal justice, and is training for a black belt in Taekwondo. She has partnered with Jacey Wendell, a young lady attorney. Together they will specialize in helping victims of human trafficking. They barely have their new shingle hung at their office in Abundance, Montana, and their online website posted, when three young ex-sorority women appear. Their stories will open a very dark and secret door about some sororities and their initiation rites.
Two characters with viewpoint besides Emma.
Brandi represents the innocence of so many young people—boys and girls both—as every autumn they head for colleges across America for the first time.
Ariana represents the pent-up embarrassment, anger, frustration—and pure rage—that has simmered for a year, waiting for the new crop of pledges and her turn at carrying out the Sorority House Initiation Ritual!

This post might get me in trouble. Why? Because Book 5 will be accusing quite a few sorority girls of very brutal treatment of the new girls. Naive young girls who probably wanted to join a sorority because they had heard sororities do good things. And I’m sure many do.
I’m also pretty sure that some (let me clarify “SOME”) are doing just exactly what I describe in the following post. (1 of 3)
The universities allowing this “anything goes” behavior are also guilty. How can that be? The rumor has it that hazing has “mostly” been made illegal. The rumor of these ‘animal house sororities’ likely float in some administrative offices, but it’s easy to turn one’s head, ignore, even close one’s eyes and refuse to believe. After all, hazing is illegal…right?
Since first writing this I have looked at a lot of sorority material online, especially from this website: I was especially glad to see a short article by Carrie Underwood, one of my favorite singers, and another from Condoleezza Rice, my favorite US Secretary of State.
Many of the girls at that website had a lot of good things to say—some really wonderful—but I will stand by what I saw and what I say in this post. If a sorority girl happens to read this, and it strikes a nerve, please, positive or negative, feel free to comment. I always respond.
But, enough said in this prelude to the prologue; let’s get to the meat.
Daughters Book 5 Sorority Animal House
‘Animal House?’ That’s right, these girls are no better than the boys. Worse! Because they’re women: females, the so-called gentler half of our species.
I didn’t see the movies ‘Animal House,’ inspired by male fraternities (1962 & 1978.) I didn’t care to, even though I was young at the time too. I simply didn’t care for the idiocy of the so-called comedies produced by Hollywood, and still produced by Hollywood, and I still don’t care for them.
Back to the girls. Because half the world’s population is women, I’ve always considered they are mostly the reason there’s any sanity and civilization and love and kindness anywhere. But the women (late teens, early twenties) directing these sorority porn videos are not saints or saviors. The word that comes to mind is sociopath. The best description of a sociopath: lacks a conscience. I pity their future husbands and children, but maybe most of these women go on to become dominatrices. Again, I pity their husbands and children.
The videos described likely are made elsewhere than on campus, but I will stick to my suspicion that they are run by out-of-control sororities.

Excerpt shows the end of Chapter 1 “Brandi, the Innocent” and the beginning of Chapter 2 “Ariana, the Angry.” Brandi has just arrived at her new college home, and is watching as her father leaves.
She knew he didn’t want her to see his tears, but she saw them anyway, and she didn’t mind that her father loved her that much, that he would cry. Just before he got to the truck where he would have to turn, he grabbed his handkerchief and swiped at his eyes. Had it been anyone other than herself the movement would not even have been noticed, but she knew. She knew her father wanted to remove any sign of his tears before he turned and waved.
She waved back and felt her own tears wanting badly to come, but she held them and stayed still as her father drove away, and they both waved one more time.


Innocent little fucking twit! Coming here with your fancy daddy in his big fancy fucking pickup—somebody will soon kick your sweet little ass—I hope it’s me!
Ariana was in no mood to greet one of the new pledges, so ducked into their small library as the new girl began carrying her stuff up the stairs. About five-feet-four inches, nice body, slender. Cute face, too, except for her mousy brown hair. Well, after her initiation that hair problem would get fixed fast!
She took a breath, and felt a bit surprised at her outburst even in her own mind. The girl had done nothing except walk in the front door with her belongings, but she was ready to kick her ass! Well, her ass had gotten kicked a year earlier and now it was her turn to kick someone else’s!
This YouTube video is very tame compared to what I saw and based Book 5 on, but listen to the sarcasm and viciousness in the voices giving the orders. At the end of this very short video you can see what’s coming. Very likely the masochists giving the orders will keep the camera rolling and later sell, what has become a pornographic video, for a lot of money. Why young girls would even want to join a sorority is beyond my imagination. The girl on the left seems almost okay with what’s happening, but notice how the girl on the right keeps glancing at the other…maybe wondering if they’re really doing what they’re doing? Wondering if she really wants to join this sorority after all? I also suspect that these two girls have no idea they will soon be queens of porn.

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