Son of Hamas, A Review
“Think of waking up one day to discover your dad is not your father.” Just one thoughtful reflection from “A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices.” Here is a young man born and raised a Muslim in the West Bank, threw rocks at Israeli soldiers in his youth, bought guns to help in the intifada, which landed him in an Israeli prison and the beginning of a nearly unthinkable life-change.
Yes, ‘unthinkable.’
Compare it to changing from a man to a woman; compare it to changing from an honest working person to the worst criminal, or compare it to changing from a Christian to a Muslim. To most regular people ‘unthinkable.’ But that is what Mosab did. He changed from Muslim to Christian.
It took him a while; it took years, but he made the change.
At the end of this post look for the video interview with Glenn Beck, where Masab warns us about the true goals of Islam. Coming from this young man who has given up everything to bring this knowledge to the west, I believe him…if only some of the rest of us will believe him.
For quite a while now, many of my posts have shared the very worst of Islam, and not that I’m going to stop. As long as the inhuman brutality continues, and the so-called peace-loving Muslims continue using the freedoms of America to inject their culture and laws into our schools, courts, foods, legislatures, etc., I will continue sharing the very worst, even though my backbone sometimes shivers and wonders what might be coming down my driveway.
This is a review of the book “Son of Hamas,” written by Mosab Hassan Yousef. He not only gave up Islam but also his identity, his people and, most importantly, his family. In the end his father disowned him. Think what it would take for a father to disown his child. I can’t even begin to imagine that, for any reason.
Parts of the book, especially the beginning, for me, were hard to read. Why is that? Because Mosab describes the love and life with his family as nearly the same as the very best of life during fifties and sixties rural and small town America. His mother and father loved their children and worked hard to give them a good life. Mosab basically worshiped his father (I know the feeling) but his father also became the iman, a teacher of Islam. His father lived the good parts of Islam, and denied/ignored the bad parts, the darkness, of Islam. Mosab at first followed in his father’s footsteps–and why on earth wouldn’t he?
Until the Israeli prison and the introduction to the Israeli way.
And, finally, the introduction to Christianity, to Jesus, to the loving god, just the very opposite to Islam’s Allah. The nonfiction book reads like the best of spy novels. I read it in two sittings, barely able to put it down. Too bad it’s based on the truth of what’s happening today.
Here is the video. If you do nothing else today, please watch and listen and then share it with your many Facebook friends. The western world, in fact civilization itself, needs this video to go viral.

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