GROWTH: They Just Don’t Get It!

The song in the video is about overpopulation; background music is from the great John Lennon of the Beatles. This video is bad enough; the video at the bottom is a little more graphic, but then, graphic is what we need if we are ever to fix our population problems.
The front page headline from The Forum, Fargo, North Dakota, March 26, 2015: METRO AREA SEES STEADY GROWTH. Yep, all capital letters. the subtitle: More job openings keeping young people in Fargo-Moorhead after graduation.
I like the subtitle: yes, keep the young people here, at home, at least some of them. But FM wants much more than their own young people. They want people to come from everywhere. They want GROWTH! Yep, again, all capital letters, but those were mine, because I want to emphasize that this growing city wants GROWTH!
Along with growth comes a whole list of headaches FM didn’t have back in, say, the 1950’s. Of course, we can’t return to that bucolic time. Way too much peace and innocence. The headaches include the infrastructure of new streets, sewers, power supplies, more water, more new schools and new gymnasiums that reach the size and grandeur of national athletic teams.
Along with the open-and-above-board acceptable headaches comes the darker underbelly: human trafficking (for both sex and service) and gangs. Back in the 50’s and 60’s we had black leather jackets, Fonze-type ducktails, muscle cars, and, yes, kids hung out with each other, but were they gangs? Maybe. But not the type we have today. Today they are imports from LA, Chicago, Somalia, and other immigrant gangs. Recently another Forum article listed a special police task force for controlling gangs.
So, yes, with growth comes the bad along with the good. No way to separatethe two.
Moving on.
At one time Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, yes even the heavily-over-burdened cities of India, and untold numbers of other large cities were nothing but a two or three-family village. But something began to attract other people and soon the village became a town, then a city, then a megalopolis.
That seems to be what Fargo–and likely untold numbers of other smaller cities in the world– wants, to grow and grow and grow.
Now for the biggie of what all that growth amounts to: money.
Growth requires money to build all that new infrastructure. That money comes from property taxes and special assessments. Then growth requires more people to charge more taxes to pay that money to build and build and build and expand into the country covering up green fields and pastures and pushing rural families from their homes.
A maddening cycle that needs to stop in its tracks.
The powers-that-be don’t care. They want that growth.
North Dakota brags about our green fields and blue skies. A billboard sign graces Interstate-29 a few miles to the south. The picture on the sign: an open highway with no other cars. The words on the sign: the North Dakota commute. What a lie that already is, and we want to make it a bigger one by attracting people to come from all over the world.
The cause for all our growth is a world population that is totally-totally out-of-control.
The Illuminati (the elite of the world) want a one-world government, police force, religion, military, etcetera, and they want to destroy the family. and what they mainly want is to eliminate 85% of the world’s population. They want just enough people left for slaves to care for the elite.
So stop the growth, now, before it’s too late.
The video below gives a preview of what is coming, what is already here, and what is likely to keep coming. I especially like where they say “the rich keep consuming, while the poor keep on blooming” I also (NOT!)like the clip showing the woman who had about 30 kids and in the clip she’s majorly pregnant. (I can’t think of her name, but for a while she was everywhere in the media, so you will remember her.) The United States, possibly, has grown more slowly than much of the rest of the world, especially the sadness of Africa, but, right now, our own population is expanding exponentially with the influx of Hispanic and Islamic immigrants, and way too many of those new people are coming here illegally and are not happy coming to assimilate into America. They want America for their own.
I love people, but I say again, stop this “GROWTH!” before it’s too late.

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