Jade Helm/Martial Law/1984

Jade Helm is real and already ongoing, folks, no longer a conspiracy theory.
I hope the novel, 1984, by George Orwell, is somewhere in our educational system’s “required reading.” But I doubt it. Way too conspiratorial. Something bad like that could never happen in America today…I mean, we have this Disneyland bubble sheltering us, and we have our Iphones and a whole host of other electronic junk/stuff! I remember back when the year 1984 actually came to pass, and a columnist saying, “See? It didn’t happen.”
All I know, when I share something like this post on social media, I get this weak sensation feeling in my back, right between the shoulder blades–and, again, I just know that I’m on a red list. Not high on it, though, probably, because there are others much worse then me, but still…it’s not a pleasant feeling
People like Lisa Haven (in the following 40-minute video) (yes, 40 minutes is a long time, but she will keep you on the edge of your seat.) She dares to stand up and tell us the truth…. I just hope she stays safe.
The young lady, Lisa Haven, who narrates the preceding video, is no wacko conspiracy theorist. She speaks clearly and honestly about the documents. She is concerned.
We are now supposed to learn to gain trust of law enforcement personnel, who will soon be more among us than ever before. And we need to see–and accept–the legitimacy of military personnel among us, and we are supposed to if we “see something, say something.”
I can imagine ‘saying’ something if I ‘see’ something, but what’s in that document sounds way too much like it’s coming straight out of the Kremlin, or maybe thirties-Germany. I can even imagine a neighbor telling on another neighbor if he saves rainwater for watering garden and other personal plants. I’ve heard that in at least one state that it’s no longer legal to save rainwater. (BTW, I save rainwater and melt snow.)
Give me a break.
Something tells me that in the near-future I will be saying the same words over and over:
“Give me a break!”
So what is coming? Some say Martial Law in 2016. No election, meaning the one in the White House right now would stay there. Indefinitely.
A few months ago there occurred what was called a murder/suicide in Apple Valley, Minnesota. David Crowley supposedly killed his wife and young daughter, then turned the gun on himself. I don’t consider myself a “wacko” conspiracy theorist, a ‘conspiracy theorist’, yes, but not wacko. Some are calling that murder/suicide…suspicious-sounding. I agree.
Because the late David Crowley was working on the movie “Gray State.” He managed to create a movie trailer video (2 minutes, 40 seconds) that is chilling. The movie itself did not get made. No money, and Hollywood would not touch it. Why not? Hollywood loves apocalyptic movies, but maybe ‘Gray State’ was a little too close to what’s actually going on in the country…what our normal media is conveniently not telling us. Here’s the trailer:

The first thing we see is a shaky screen and hear static as if communications are being lost. Then comes the sound of a helicopter (I love that sound, but in this case it causes more chills.)Then the people are being “marked,” something we have been warned and warned about. Finally, we see people watching other people. The most chilling is when a woman pushes her grocery cart into the aisle, and sees nothing but empty shelves.
This last video might be the most chilling of all. Instead of me telling you about it I will let you watch and listen and decide for yourself. For myself, I think I will listen to that man and not watch the movie. If he’s correct, well, subliminal brainwashing telepathy seems a bit much, yet, I believe it’s used.

In the end, I would be remiss if I didn’t promote my own 3-book series “New World Order Rising.”

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