Criminal Minds, A Review

The two videos mostly show Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook.) Nothing wrong with the other characters. They’re all my favorites, but JJ stood out the strongest in the YouTube video selections. Both videos relate to the episodes when she was captured and tortured while in Afghanistan. It was very hard for me to see her getting hurt, even though I knew she really wasn’t.
Criminal Minds, I’d have to say is my favorite TV show. When it first came out I ignored it for the first two seasons. Criminal Minds, what the heck could that be about? I’m picky what shows I watch. If the show doesn’t get my attention right away, well…. Then I discovered it. I don’t know why or how, and ever since have watched it nearly religiously, and, lately, strangely enough, I’ve been leaning back toward religion.
For Christmas one year, a nephew bought me Season Two. I’ve watched all 23 episodes 3 times, some favorites five or six times, Then I stumbled across Season One at Walmart, bought that, and am starting on the fourth time with all 22 episodes.
No, I don’t sit in front of the TV constantly, but some nights there simply is nothing on, and I require at least one hour of drama per day. A half hour of comedy would be nice too.
Season Finale, May, 2015. I was elsewhere, so didn’t get to watch it on TV. Fine, online was better: no commercials. I watched it two nights in a row.
Because the episode touched on human trafficking (it’s usually serial killers.)
I also write fiction on human trafficking. It has become a bit obsessive to me. People whose daughters and sons have been abducted, trafficked, never heard from again, will understand the obsession. They never give up believing their children will return.
I didn’t lose a child. A child I cared about ran away, becoming a prime target for the traffickers. This child returned home and didn’t get hurt, thank God. Her experience inspired my interest in human trafficking: the “what if?”
In the Criminal Minds season finale episode, the daughter–and a close young friend–of one of the main characters was first lured, then abducted. The friend escaped.
The daughter first had her appearance changed, then was photographed and her photo put online to a website of serial killers for auction, and was quickly sold for $29,000.00. She was destined to literally disappear.
Here is my reason for writing this status and my obsession to watch the heartbreaking episode twice:
At the end, the girl’s hands were tied and the rope attached to the ceiling; she was standing on a crate, which upon removal would leave her hanging and helpless.
At the last minute, when the serial killer approached with his tools of her destruction, she fought, she screamed, she kicked him. Hollywood Ink, of course, came to her rescue.
But here’s the thing, folks, something we will never know. Maybe all girls will fight and scream and kick at the end. But if nobody is right outside and coming to her rescue, no matter how much she fights, she is lost.
I had to watch that brutal episode twice to see that.
In the following 5-minute video the problem of abducted children is touched on. Many abducted children are murdered. I doubt most fight at the end. I’d like to think that their mind sends them far into shock.

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