James Eagan Holmes, An Opinion

The preceding video is only 24 seconds long. Holmes’ attorney whispered something to him. Other than that no sound. A longer video at the end.
I’m getting really sick of hearing about Holmes.
Yet, recently, there he is, sitting in court with sober face in the morning national news and the evening national news.
Nearly three years have passed since July 20, 2012, when he murdered 12 people at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and wounded and maimed 70 others. At least he didn’t get bail. I mean he was guilty. He was at the scene wearing an assault vest (whatever the hell that is) and with all his weapons. So, he was, allegedly, guilty. (I love how they always use that word ‘allegedly,’ no matter the crime, and no matter there’s no doubt.)
A side note here, one that maybe should worry law-abiding gun-owners….
This boy from May 22, 2012 to July 2, 2012, ordered and/or bought in person and/or online two Glock pistols, a tactical shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, an Urban Assault Vest, two magazine holders, and a knife. Earlier he ordered and bought online 3000 rounds each for the rifle and pistols, and 350 rounds for the shotgun.
Kinda sounds to me like he was planning to go to war.
(But why should law-abiding gun-owners be concerned? If NSA has figured out how to watch internet sales, that many close-together weapons-sales likely would send up all kinds of red flags.)
And yet, his attorneys, in the beginning, anyway, at least considered an insanity plea, but now, later, have settled on ‘Diminished Capacity.’
And what in hell is that? No! Don’t anybody write and tell me. I don’t freaking care!
That kid with the deer-in-the-headlights stare and the original orange hair (and calling himself “The Joker” of “Batman” fame) is guilty. He planned that rampage right down to the last detail and wrote it all out in a well-kept diary. Now, about this insanity thing, or that ‘diminished’ thing. I think a verified wacko—like this kid definitely is—would be able to push his humanity aside for the few moments needed to commit the crime that he did.
Afterward it would be completely permissible to be legally insane…or to expertly fake it.
He did it. He knows he did it. And he was sane when he did it.
The death penalty or life in prison I will go along with, but no hospital filled with candy-stripers! One of the worst punishments I can think of would be life in prison and never getting to see another living woman. But in the article I read—a bit quickly—I saw no mention of a woman in this boy’s life, so maybe never seeing another woman would not be so much punishment. Just today on the news I see he did have a girlfriend, and was a bit upset losing her, so went on that killing rampage–Right! Blame the woman!
Hey, I’m just saying too what would be punishment to me…!
I guess I agree with our legal system. I mean if I was wrongly accused of a crime I guess I would want my lawyer to have as much time as possible to prove I was innocent. Oh, wait, it wouldn’t be my lawyer’s job to prove me innocent, but just to get me either acquitted, or the best possible deal if the prosecutors got their way and sent me to prison.
So I guess I’m not against our legal system.
But when the national news is on I like to hear about the important stories happening in the country, and even more so what’s happening in the world. I guess though, that the mass media has to tell the stories that get them the best returns, like James Eagan Holmes, oh yeah and we must get a feel-good human interest story thrown in at the end.
At the end of my rant: this kid received $21,600.00 from the National Institute of Health. That, to me, sounds like a government handout. He also received a stipend of some sort from the University of Colorado. So he wasn’t dumb, for sure. Not exactly smart either, and certainly not insane.
But, on some level, aren’t we all insane?
The following eleven and a half-minute video is worth it to watch just to see the BS that takes place in a courtroom, and at least a dozen people getting paid a lot of money.

Holmes, to me, looks like one of three things. Waking up from a drug trip. Faking insanity with several wacko expressions. Or, as I suggested in my 3-book series, “New World Order Rising,” this boy and others like him are found and brainwashed by the Illuminati to commit mass shootings and then to either commit suicide or go wacko. And why would the so-called Illuminati do that? To create a reason for gun confiscation.

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