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Moving The Goalposts

Last election here in North Dakota, one of the whatevers on the ballet was something to do with the court system, I believe like giving both parents a lot of power no matter what, and certainly not what’s in the so-called “Best interests of the children.” The woman who writes this blog must live in a state that approved that ballot issue, because the X she has to deal with has very little for brains other than “Control!”

Post 3 of 3 “Daughters” Book 5 “Sorority Animal House” coming soon

This first video is interesting; some sorority girls seem to think it’s all a big joke, but some others don’t sound all that turned on by sororities, and dare to say what they want…I guess, as long as it’s anonymous….
Daughters is the continuing series based on the fact of human trafficking in America.

Emma is the strong female lead begun in Book 1 at the age of 18 when she was raped, beat up and sold into prostitution. In Book 5, she is 22, finished with college, a bona fide social worker, well versed in criminal justice, and is earning a black belt in Taekwondo. She has partnered with Jacey Wendell, a young lady attorney. Together they will specialize in helping victims of human trafficking. They barely have their new shingle hung at their office in Abundance, Montana, and their online website posted when four young ex-sorority women appear. Their stories will open a very dark and secret door about some Sororities.
Two characters with viewpoint besides Emma:
Brandi represents the innocence of so many young people—boys and girls both—as every autumn they head for colleges across America for the first time.
Ariana represents the pent-up embarrassment, anger, frustration—and pure rage—that has simmered, waiting for the new crop of pledges and her turn at carrying out the Sorority House Initiation Ritual!
Continuing from Post 2 of 3…from the other three videos, here’s partially what I saw:
From two to six girls are completely naked. Completely! Not one square inch of body is off-limits to the camera. Not one! The faces of some those naked girls show revulsion, embarrassment, and heartbreaking sadness as they are put through their rites. As I said, some even try to cover their nakedness…but they soon will be beat down and will do exactly what they are told.
A sort of ‘Stockholm Syndrome?’ I suppose.
They know the camera is rolling. Some even look toward it, and then the emotions on their faces double and triple…so they know it’s rolling, but do they know it’s going online for the whole world to see? For their parents to see? Boyfriends? Siblings? Friends? I doubt it, but they are there, so what are they to do? Refuse to participate? Some probably do. I hope so.
Those giving the orders, the sociopathic dominatrices, give detailed instructions of what the girls are to do to each other and to themselves and to accept what others do to them. I won’t describe here, but in my upcoming Book 5, yes, I will.
A dozen or more spectator perverts/whatever are just watching, laughing, oohing and ahhhhing…and definitely guilty by association. Guilty? Yes! I would like to see all their asses kicked and thrown in jail for how they can treat innocent young women. These are all (perpetrators, spectators, victims) good-looking, gorgeous young women. The new ‘littles,’ as they are called (their so-called sisters are called ‘bigs’) are maybe away from home for the first time, gone to a university where they thought they would be safe to learn, to reach for their goals. In fact, why would they even consider whether or not they would be safe—from other women, for Christ’s sake?!
So then begins the lure of belonging to a sorority. Maybe they have dreamed for years of joining one of those Greek-inspired…whatever the hell they are!
Again, I doubt the porn studios could recruit that many young good-looking girls to perform in those videos, so, I’m pretty sure it’s some (again clarifying the word ‘some’) sororities themselves doing it.
If I had a daughter, and learned the university she was attending allowed, by ignorance and apathy, such a thing to occur in order for her to join a sorority…well, I maybe should not even think of what I would do, for certain not detail it here.
Why do they do it? Why do those giving the orders put the new girls through such horror? Likely, the very same thing was done to them the year before, and they are just getting back at the new kids. For one year they have experienced and suppressed PTSD. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) It’s a cycle that needs to stop!
At the end, yes, guys (and some hardass women) create a ton—10 tons—100 tons—of pornography constantly. So why am I complaining about some gorgeous young women creating just a little? Because they are women! (Again, the so-called gentler half of our species) using innocent other young women who just wanted to join a sorority and who probably didn’t understand what they were getting into.
How is this related to my series on human trafficking? Can the girls/women directing and participating in those videos be called human traffickers? Yes! Absofreakinglutely!
Yes, the naked girls in those videos were there by choice…or were they? Maybe the ‘littles’ just quietly trusted their big sister ‘bigs’ to have their best interests in mind, and just kept naively following instructions until it was—basically—too late to stop….
For more information here is a website devoted to stopping the practice of hazing.
From here to the last video is material I shared last time; I believe it bears repeating:
In Book 5 of my “Daughters” series, Brandi, the innocent, says, “Little girls are some of the cutest, sweetest, most charming and loveable creatures on earth. I don’t know how they can grow up to become vicious, sadistic, beasts!”
Yes, Brandi is a fictional character. I wrote what she said. But had she been real, and I have no doubt there are countless college girls–if subjected to such treatment–would say the same, and I would so, so, agree with them.
In the end, it unfortunately appears that impressionable (and that’s the key: ‘impressionable’) young girls can be lead (not only into a pornographic or prostitution situation, and then be sold be someone thought trustworthy) but also can be led by slightly older girls they thought they could trust into a thought-benign initiation ritual. Looking at the expressions on the faces of these young girls (YouTube and online porn both) I highly suspect they had no idea what was coming, and won’t discover they are now porn queens until their turn to do the initiating comes up. (And they’ll be mad as hell if they don’t get to do it!) And who could blame them?
So that’s why I’m including sororities in my human trafficking series. The slightly older girls giving all the orders to those young and innocent girls were girls!–the so-called gentler and more-loving half of our species. It appears women can be worse than men simply because they are that so-called gentler half!
In this last video, first, the sound is poor, but what can you expect from complete amateurs? Also, I kept expecting “hoping” that the sensible-looking girl on the far right would tell those sorority queen bitches to get F^*ked and walk away, but, she didn’t, and at the end of the video she started getting naked just like the others, just like she was told.
Yes, I was disappointed.
If you look at the video, there is a site listed that will prove what I’m saying. The site has been there before but I didn’t care to look; I didn’t care to see what I was pretty sure would be there. I hope many young girls thinking of joining a sorority will look and see and learn. I hope mothers will look, and I’d like to ask the girls in those videos, “Would you want your daughter to be abused like this?”
But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some women do consider sorority hazing as a true rite of passage to womanhood

Boat Sailors “Vietnam War Action by Fleet Submarines”

Boat Sailors Front Cover v23
Look for a link to a free Amazon download of Boat Sailors at the bottom of this post, beginning at midnight tonight (meaning Friday, June 19, 2015.) Remember, you can read your Amazon books on most any electronic device, you don’t need a Kindle.
Boat Sailors (65,000 words) (Vietnam War action by fleet submarines) (male POV) Fresh from the farm, Brice Wesley Moser, 17, will leave his loved ones behind, pay his dues in bootcamp, then Class A Weapons School where he’ll experience more life in 9 weeks then his whole 17 years before, become a Torpedoman’s Mate, Seaman Apprentice, and soon will discover his rating covers much more than torpedoes.
In the mid-nineteen-sixties some conventional fleet submarines were refitted to carry small teams of combat swimmers (Underwater Demolition Teams [UDT] and Sea, Land and Air teams [SEALs]) for a variety of combat operations. Their primary mission was beach reconnaissance. Subic Bay provided the main base for operations and was known as Detachment Alpha. Det Charlie operated from the USS Perch APSS 313, and later the USS Grayback LPSS 574, and USS Tunny LPSS 282.
All three submarines were left over from World War II, but all were still plenty spirited.
Many of the Perch’s operations consisted of Search and Rescue, and training—besides UDT and SEALs—U.S. Marine’s Amphibious Recon Battalion, Army Special Forces, also British commando forces and ROK Republic of Korea, Philippine, and Nationalist Chinese Special Forces. She participated in the operations Jungle Drum III, Dagger Thrust, Double Eagle, Deck House II, and Deck House IV.
(The USS Perch and her crew form the basis of this fictional novel)
Here’s a little more about the main character:
Brice Wesley Moser needed to get away from the farm for awhile, sow some wild oats as his dad and uncles called it. So he joined the navy. Just a few days from saying ‘I do’ he was on his way to San Diego, California, boot camp, weapons school, then shore duty. Well, shore duty wasn’t a lot more exciting then throwing bales and milking cows back in Iowa, so he volunteered for submarines. With the Vietnam War heating up, things would soon get a bit more interesting.
This absolute neophyte to the ways of the navy—and especially to the submarine navy—would need a mentor:
Second Class Electronics Technician Richards, hailing from Texas, had already been in the navy for five years, and his boat, as boat-sailors fondly referred to their home submarines, had just gotten orders to steam from Pearl Harbor, into the western Pacific and their new home port of Subic Bay, the Philippine Islands. There they would take on Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) and Sea, Land and Air teams (SEALs) for beach reconnaissance and other special operations.
Here is a short excerpt, the entire chapter 19 “Ode to Mercy.”
The next morning after quarters, Moser, returning to the After Troop Space hatch, was joined by Richards, “So, how was it?”
“How was what…?” Moser had no idea.
“Well, for about a half hour the guys talked about nothing except you leaving the bar with that cute little girl and then not returning. The scuttlebutt was that you lost your cherry last night.”
Moser felt himself turn ten shades of red, and he had no idea how to answer.
Richards slapped his shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. We all have to lose it eventually—so, did you?”
“Yes, but not with the girl I wanted.”
“Well, that’s something we all have to deal with too, Moser. We rarely get the girl we want, and I think I know who you wanted…that same one you sat with all night the last time we were in port. Right? And then didn’t go home with her, right?”
“Right. Her name is Mercy.”
Richards shook his head in a knowing manner, “I saw you leave last night, my friend, and I saw you look back at your Mercy, but you had better decide to decide right now that that’s how it’s going to be. Those girls are prostitutes. That’s how they make their living.”
“But I saw a girl on the street last night—she couldn’t have been more than twelve, man! And it looked like she was being sold by some old man—“
Richards stopped them back on the fantail and faced him, “Listen to me, Moser, that’s how it works. We’re not in America, OK? Although I’m sure it happens there too, just not probably so often and so openly. That old man you saw was probably her daddy. That little girl maybe is their only way of earning money, and he probably feels lucky that she is so pretty—she was pretty, right?”
“She was gorgeous. The cab driver pointed her out, like he even knew.”
“If you had approached the old man the cabbie might even have gotten part of the money. You probably even thought about it, right?”
“Don’t even answer, Moser. I know you did. It would have been less than male if you hadn’t, but most of us, I believe, stay away from the real young girls, but not all of us, and even if you didn’t actually think about it, the thought absolutely raged through the back of your head.”
He knew Richards was right. The thought had passed the back of his head, but so quickly as to be almost deniable. What passed the front of his head was his twelve-year-old niece at home, but also just for a few seconds. The two girls were not comparable. His niece back in Iowa was safe, protected by her loving dad, her loving mother, her loving grandparents, her teachers and preachers, but this young Filipino girl evidently—probably—had nobody.
“But you didn’t act on that thought, Moser! And that’s what separates us—guys like you and me—from the barbarians.”
Moser stared at his friend and nodded, “Yes, I guess so.”
“To get back to your Mercy. You thought you were in love with her, didn’t you?”
“And that happens to some of us again and again. This is my third Westpac cruise, and I have fallen in love at least thirty times, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means I cared for those girls. Not enough to marry any of them, no, but enough to treat them all like a lady, and they are all ladies, Moser.” Richards stopped talking, evidently had reached the end of his lecture.
And Moser appreciated the lecture, “Yes, sir.” He hoped he could adopt at least some of Richards’ philosophies.
“One more thing in closing, Moser. I found this out from the bar owner. That first night you were with Mercy, that also was her first night of working as a bar maid, and young girls are no different from young boys, you know, and first encounters are always the important ones. You gave her a good first encounter, my friend, and I’m sure she will never forget you.”
The following video from Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt For Red October” (one of my favorite movies) has little to do with this blog post, except they both portray submarine duty. (I spent most of my 4-year navy career on two submarine duty stations, and loved it.) The video also shows Sean Connery as the captain of Russia’s new submarine, the Red October, meant as a first-strike weapon. If only we had such a man in our White House….

Silence is Better Than Bullshit


I wrote an article Titled ‘Escaping The Noise’, you can read that HERE.

Often times, after you have been discarded or ended the relationship with the Sociopath, some of them slither back into your life like a poisonous snake! And they do this because you allow it to happen. Your so emotionally broken, mentally a disaster, and the only way you ‘feel better‘ is when you have contact with the Sociopath. WRONG THOUGHT PROCESS! All that contact does is feed you more of their bullshit!

If you have to co-parent with a Narcissistic Sociopath, and you hear “you didn’t pack the right snack for school, you didn’t have the homework complete, your emotional instability is damaging the child, you (_________) fill in the blank, is all Bullshit. By listening to their rants about everything YOU are doing wrong as a parent, can and often times leads to…

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The photo above shows the flood of 1997, that natural floodplain which Fargo wants to grow into,
Thanks to Vern Whitten Photography
For quite some time now I’ve been getting an email newsletter addressing Fargo, North Dakota’s perennial flooding problem, or rather, Fargo’s desire to grow south into the natural floodplain. And there is the key word: natural floodplain. In order to grow south and continue protecting their dazzling growth Fargo wants a high dam which would flood the communities south during flood times, in other words they want their neighbors to get flooded so Fargo doesn’t have to.
It’s all tied to the proposed diversion of the Red River of the North, a huge ditch to divert flood waters around Fargo and send it raging north, for the communities north to deal with it. Fargo no longer wants to. Fargo could build more dikes and other options to protect their city, but they don’t want to, they want to grow south and want other communities to get the heck out of their way!
As I said, I’ve been getting this newsletter. Fargo’s plan does not directly affect me (except that I think that town is big enough!) so I’ve just read the newsletters and did nothing else. This time I think the Diversion Authority (the DA) has gone too far. They don’t care that all the cemeteries in those southern communities will get flooded. Did you get that? They don’t care!
So, this time, not that it will help, but I’ve decided to re-publish the newsletter on my blog.

Editorial Team, Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority. For further information contact: Craig Hertsgaard is a Richland County farmer and member of the MnDak Upstream Coalition. Email: Telephone: 701-428-3059.

The Army Corps says the cost to protect the graves of those buried in cemeteries upstream of the diversion project is $14 million, and it’s not worth it.

The proposed Fargo diversion will cause those cemeteries to flood. They’re wrong, and it’s sad. They have already paid more than $10 million for a clubhouse at a private golf course, but a modicum of respect for the people who devoted all they had to give us life and a future isn’t worth it.

Residents of North Dakota and Minnesota should be ashamed over what is happening in the Red River Valley. Fargo’s plan to carve 20,000 acres out of the natural flood plain for future development means more than twice that much land must be flooded behind a dam when the Red River is high. Cemeteries in both states will be inundated with 8 feet of water for more than two weeks.

Watching relatives and neighbors care for our rural cemetery like it was their own back yard, knowing that someday it would be, was an education in culture and faith. I farm the land across the road from that graveyard. I watch people come in the evening, and sometimes early in the morning before work, standing or sitting by the graves of their loved ones. Some come from a long ways away to renew their ties with home. Often times, they come to find peace; perhaps peace from a long illness of a family member, or peace from an unresolved relationship. Most times, I think it is peace for ourselves, to know there will be respect for our lives when we’re gone.

Diversion planners say we’re not worth it. The pioneers that died of typhoid and tuberculosis are not important. The veterans that laid in foxholes and fence rows are inconvenient. The responsibility to raise a civilized society is to be subjugated by greed.

Fargo can protect its city without flooding 50,000 acres upstream. They say they can’t have their building spree without flooding our cemeteries. At society’s base, we are better than that. At least those buried in our graveyards are.
The last time I shared one of the Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority’s newsletters I posted this same song by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Powderfinger, from the 1979 album, “Rust Never Sleeps.” It tells the same story of the powers-that-be lording over lesser people.

Tablesaws & Knuckleheads–Victims: They’re Costing Us a Lot of Money

According to some: “The Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever written. I agree, to a point; it’s definitely “one” of the greatest! (One of my favorites for certain!) And no victims here…well, maybe Freddy, I guess he couldn’t help being gay, though, and he couldn’t help catching that terrible disease that wasted him. And, in this song, I suspect there is a victim somewhere. After all the song begins with him (the singer, Freddy I expect) claiming to have shot a man.
Some time ago I used to post regularly to Then I moved to this blog where I get fewer comments but many more hits. Can’t have it all I guess. Anyway, here is a version of one of my hub-posts.
Tablesaws & Knuckleheads (Feel free to replace knuckleheads with victims.)

My favorite columnist wrote a piece today (quite a while back) that I just have to share, at least the high points and my own opinion, and you all know I love giving opinions.

It seems the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has counted the knuckleheads—I mean “people”—who have lost fingers each year to accidents with tablesaws. (I’ll explain my use of “knuckleheads” later.”

Oh yes, I should identify my favorite Columnist: She’s a lady, Kathleen Parker, a good-looking lady who writes for Tribune Media Services, a lady who I would identify as moderate-leaning-right, just my kind of person. If she writes a column—and I see it—I read it. I don’t think I have ever disagreed with her, and, hang onto your hats, folks, in several of her past columns she has supported the idea of the usefulness and need of men.

To get back to tablesaws, okay, they can be dangerous, and that’s why one should be careful…you know, don’t put your finger(s) where they should not be. Push that board through the saw, and the last few inches use another board to finish pushing it, especially with long rip-cuts (and if you don’t know what a ‘rip-cut’ is you shouldn’t be using a saw at all, at least not alone.) I mean, there are times when even I follow my own safety procedures, but come on, that blade is rotating—I don’t know how fast—but fast, faster than you can withdraw your finger, after it’s gone. In fact you won’t even feel the severing, not for a second or two, you might even see blood spurting before you feel the pain. And, oh boy, there will be pain, plenty of pain-payment later for that stupidity.

Why am I talking like this? Why am I making fun of people for being stupid? I’ll tell you why: It seems the afore mentioned CPSC is “noodling” (Kathleen’s word…not sure what she means there; probably a word she coined for “stupid.”) Anyway, the CPSC is “noodling” new regulations to make tablesaws safer.

In other words, we can’t just be careful, we need Big Brother Government to make the world safer for us. And now the gist of my sarcasm:

It seems a few years ago “…a fellow named Steve Gass invented a safety stop that provides the solution to severed fingers and other body parts. The saw literally senses when the blade nicks skin and slams on brakes within three one-thousandths of a second.” I mean this guy actually invented this thing, costly, yes, adding in the neighborhood of $100 to the cost of a saw.

And would every saw get this invention, wanted or not? What about the real cheapies? (I suspect there are cheapies out there.) And there likely would be a thriving black market selling saws “without” this…invention. And what about all the other kinds of saws: Circular saws, saber saws, reciprocating saws, and drills! OMG, the list goes on! And what about the thousands (millions?) of saws already out there? Would there be the largest recall of saws in history?

Again, I’m being sarcastic. Sorry, but a knucklehead is a knucklehead. There simply are people not bright enough to operate any dangerous equipment. Unfortunately, they also aren’t bright enough to know that they aren’t bright enough, or, they simply still haven’t grown out of the idea of Disneyland. Sorry to bring up Disneyland, as I love the idea of a place where nobody gets hurt and nobody ever really dies.

Now I’ll get to the real reason for my sarcasm: When something is made safe, unhurtable to your fingers and other body parts, people get this new attitude: well, if it can’t hurt me it must be safe. Therefore the people who weren’t being safety conscious before, will be even less so now. They’ll be less careful with that blade spinning fast enough and sharp enough to give a piece of wood a very smooth cut…and there goes the finger. Sure, the blade stopped but is even that three one-thousandths of a second really quick enough?

I would guess NO. Maybe your finger won’t actually be severed but I suspect you will get more than a papercut, but that’s just me. Hey, I’m trying to be humorous here too!

And Kathleen’s column was much funnier than my little opinion piece here. She ends with, and I’ll again go verbatim: “If only there were a braking system for knuckleheadedness.”
Thanks, Kathleen!
The following 2-minute video (what might be grunge rock; I’m not up on grunge rock) really has nothing to do with my post, but I liked the cover.

6 things you should NEVER say to a domestic abuse survivor

as a man who really loves women, I’d love to say I don’t believe the first sentence of this blog post: “As many as one in three women will suffer physical or other form of abuse in her lifetime.” But also, as a man who has worked in all forms of jobs from the bottom to near the middle, yes, I have seen it, again and again and again….

Avalanche of the soul

As many as one in three women will suffer physical or other form of abuse in her lifetime. Lots suffer in silence. Those who speak out run a gauntlet of often well-meaning but profoundly ill-informed remarks, that can leave us groping for the right words to respond. Here’s how I answer the most common comments.

1. “Are you sure it’s abuse?”

It’s abuse. I’m constantly tiptoeing around him, yet somehow everything I do is wrong in his eyes. I’m afraid. I’m not the person I was. I sometimes wonder if I’m going crazy. Worst of all, I can’t see a future for me beyond this. And the fear of not being believed by people like you is one of the (many) things that make it so much harder to escape.

2. “I’d never have thought he’d be capable of that. He seems so nice!”

He’s a regular, model citizen isn’t…

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Post 2 of 3 “Daughters” Book 5 Coming

I looked for a friendlier video to begin this post (like the last one) but couldn’t find. Most are raucous, and at the end always show the new girls ordered to strip. Then the video fades, which leads us into this post.
According to some online articles, hazing in general (including sorority house initiation rituals) has been banned (or at least frowned upon) most everywhere. Not so I don’t think. Some sorority houses are not only still doing it, but videotaping and selling to online porn sites. Yes, I will admit it. I’m male. I occasionally look at free online porn. Yes, much of it is free and available to anyone who might stumble across it, as I did a while back, which inspired Book 3 of my series. Yes! Pornography is legal, but the brutality—and outright inhumanity—of most of it turns my stomach! (And BTW, you don’t have to look at the short video to discover the brutality/inhumanity; all you need to decide whether or not you will watch is the very short descriptions and previews.)
How old are the dominatrices in the videos? I don’t know. The few videos I was able to stand watching never really showed the ones doing the talking and directing. The girls being directed, though, were right there, totally naked, some trying to cover themselves, but nothing was off limits to the camera. Their faces showed confusion, embarrassment, horror, even a little fear.
(Some, however, showed no emotion. A few even appeared to be thinking, “Let’s get on with the show!” Oh, yes, and there were female spectators. Lots of them. More about them later.)
Am I absolutely/positively certain some sororities are hazing and selling videos to online porn? No, of course not. How could I be sure of that? But I seriously doubt that online porn studios could/would recruit 3-20 “gorgeous young women” to create just one short video, and then another 3-20 to create another, and another, and another, and on and on! At that one site there are at least a dozen. Maybe many more, because each time one clicks, six more video choices appear. Did I watch them all? Good God, no! An emphatic no! I watched three (enough material for Book 5) but I couldn’t stand to see any more of the sad and unhappy faces of those naked young girls being insulted, ridiculed, and sexually assaulted. YES! Sexually assaulted! In all forms of the word: ASSAULTED!
Why else do I think some sororities are doing what I just described?
One of the few times I could stand to listen to what those sociopathic dominatrices were saying, I actually heard the word ‘sorority,’ more than once. Sure, that word could just have been part of a normal porn script. But I doubt it. There were too many videos and always different girls. (A fourth video I watched included just three girls, the “dominatrix” and the two victims. One victim appeared disgusted more than anything, but did what she was told. The other was hard to describe; she wasn’t happy but appeared to be in learning mode, and also did exactly as told. [Look for a detailed description in Book 5. Even though I felt sorry for those two girls {all of them!} I felt I needed to watch it all and then tell their story as seen through my eyes.
The following Youtube video is, to me, disgusting. While watching, my stomach turned into a knot, constantly wondering, “WHY?” Why would those freshman girls subject themselves to such treatment? And those senior girls, they strutted around like they thought they were goddesses on earth–What bitches! (And I hate using that word!) My answer, the seniors were subjected to the same treatment when they were freshmen, and these new freshmen girls, remembering this abuse (some of them) will continue the cycle.
In Book 5 of my “Daughters” series, Brandi, the innocent, says, “Little girls are some of the cutest, sweetest, most charming and loveable creatures on earth. I don’t know how they can grow up to become vicious, sadistic, beasts!”
Yes, Brandi is a fictional character. I wrote what she said. But had she been real, and I have no doubt there are countless college girls–if subjected to such treatment–would say the same, and I would so, so, agree with them.
In the end, it unfortunately appears that impressionable (and that’s the key: ‘impressionable’) young girls can be lead (not only into a pornographic or prostitution situation, and then be sold be someone thought trustworthy) but also can be led by slightly older girls they thought they could trust into a thought-benign initiation ritual. Looking at the expressions on the faces of these young girls (YouTube and online porn both) I highly suspect they had no idea what was coming, and won’t discover they are now porn queens until their turn to do the initiating comes up. (And they’ll be mad as hell if they don’t get to do it!)
So that’s why I’m including sororities in my human trafficking series. The slightly older girls giving all the orders to those young and innocent girls were girls!–the so-called gentler and more-loving half of our species. It appears women can be worse than men simply because they are that so-called gentler half!