Silence is Better Than Bullshit


I wrote an article Titled ‘Escaping The Noise’, you can read that HERE.

Often times, after you have been discarded or ended the relationship with the Sociopath, some of them slither back into your life like a poisonous snake! And they do this because you allow it to happen. Your so emotionally broken, mentally a disaster, and the only way you ‘feel better‘ is when you have contact with the Sociopath. WRONG THOUGHT PROCESS! All that contact does is feed you more of their bullshit!

If you have to co-parent with a Narcissistic Sociopath, and you hear “you didn’t pack the right snack for school, you didn’t have the homework complete, your emotional instability is damaging the child, you (_________) fill in the blank, is all Bullshit. By listening to their rants about everything YOU are doing wrong as a parent, can and often times leads to…

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