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Why do you hate women?

Wow, this woman told it like it is. Sorry to say, there are a good many men out there who see women only as objects for sex, food, a well-kept house, someone to criticize in front of others…I could go on; I’ve seen it all, and here’s a Catch-22 for you. In the past, when I’ve witnessed out-of-control teasing and bullying and physical and sexual harassment (long before that term even came about in its present meaning) and have intervened, I’ve been told by the woman, “It’s OK!” Fine, she didn’t want to rock anybody’s boat. Was a different time then but I doubt much has changed, except that “some” women are standing up. Today I’m glad to be far away from any situations like that to come up.

Avalanche of the soul

Here’s my blanket response to the depressingly self-righteous trolls that find their way to this site. I’m nearly as tired of repeating myself as I am fed up with reading their pointless comments. Domestic violence is a gendered issue: stop pretending it’s not.

A website dealing with domestic violence was certain to attract trolls. Their comments are unsurprising in their irrelevance, ignorance, and uniformity and typically look like this:

  • “Why is it always ‘he’ with you feminists?” Do you understand what feminism is?
  • Men are victims too! I never said they weren’t.
  • My girlfriend is convinced I’m abusive, thanks to sites like this. Have you considered the possibility that you actually are?

I usually allow their mini-tirades on the site because hey, I enjoy a laugh as much as anyone else. But I’m tired of repeating myself now. So, for the men getting all bent out of shape because I…

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Are Drugs Designed To Cure

Right, why have to take a drug for the rest of your life? The pharmaceutical world creates many drugs to improve the “result” (not the cause) of the problem. The cartoon kind of nails it.

All About Healthy Choices

comedyAlthough I was born in 1959, my memories of childhood began in 1964. During these years, the “establishment” was constantly under fire. The war in Vietnam had begun nine years earlier.  The “hippies” rebelled against traditional standards and values. A cultural revolution was underway attempting to change our thinking and our actions.

During this time,the major health care problems in the United States were heart disease, cancer and stroke. With all our technology and medical advancements over the last fifty plus years these three conditions have remained the top three health threats to our population. In addition to these, we have added: (1) diabetes, (2) anxiety/depression, (3) obesity, (4) autism, (5) gluten sensitivities/celiac disease and (6) peanut allergies

If the top three causes of death from the 1960’s continues to remain the top three causes of death today, can we claim our health care system and the technology used to develop pharmaceutical drugs have effectively battled these diseases?

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Manifest Destiny/Eminent Domain

Photo by Vern Whitten Photography
Again the powers-that-be are playing the bully-card; they do it well.

Editorial Team, Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority. For further information contact: Trana Rogne
If my history teacher was right, Manifest Destiny is alive and well in Cass County. County Commissioner and Diversion Authority member Ken Pawluk’s recent editorial in a local newspaper declared that there is nothing wrong with taking 50,000 acres south of town for an upstream reservoir as long as property owners are paid off. Fargo’s vision for the future is greater than “100 homes and …..a couple weeks of additional water on farmland.” It’s apparently tough luck for the communities and business that call the proposed staging area their territory.
The history books say, “The heart of manifest destiny was the pervasive belief in American cultural and racial superiority.” It was first coined in the 1845 July-August edition of the United State Magazine and Democratic review. The U.S. wanted to get territory in the southwest away from Mexico. The Diversion Authority wants to get territory away from residents who live upstream of Fargo. They don’t have to fight a war to do it, they need a judge to grant them eminent domain, and money to pay compensation for the property they take. It’s no secret that Moorhead has virtually unlimited area for growth outside the natural flood plain. A reader can only assume there is some endowed entitlement granted to Fargo for Cass County real estate south of town. They contend current low ground to be encircled by the diversion would offer a greater economic boon for its residents than high ground across the river. Five million Minnesota residents would likely argue that point.
Pawluk cites the critical need for flood protection for Fargo, and he’s right. The fact of the matter is that Fargo’s economic infrastructure can be protected without a 36 mile long diversion and dam. A combination of valley wide distributed storage, dikes and levees, and perhaps a modest diversion could provide reasonable flood protection. What a plan like that cannot do is provide expansive future construction in the natural flood plain. No one wants the disaster that befell Grand Forks in 1997 to happen here. But after the cleanup Grand Forks virtually eliminated their flood risk without harming their neighbors. A requirement of their flood solution was that it have minimal impacts upstream and downstream of their project. They proved in both 2009 and 2011 that it could be done.
This isn’t 1845. Governments can’t simply take large tracts of property to enhance their growth. The DA chose a project purpose that included future development in addition to flood control. What was acceptable two centuries ago is unethical today. Understanding that is why we took history in the first place.

Prostitution… Not a Choice Willfully Made

A reminder of the heartbreak of human trafficking….

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As I watched the attached video, Fancy, my heart melted for the many children who are forced into prostitution by the ones who should be protecting and nurturing them. We need to open our eyes and realize that the majority of these who are trapped in this lifestyle are not there by choice. Please join me in prayer for every one trapped in prostitution.

not a choice willfully made.
Especially involving children…
many too young to choose a “trade”.
For most are victims…
of the woundedness of their pasts…
whether poverty or addictions…
or domestic violence and it’s wrath.
And sadly some parents…
force their own child to do “tricks”…
beginning a life of prostitution…
for their own parent’s addictive fix.
And child sex slavery…
is becoming more rampant today…
with increasing porn and prostitution…
leaving many children trapped this way.

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