Why do you hate women?

Wow, this woman told it like it is. Sorry to say, there are a good many men out there who see women only as objects for sex, food, a well-kept house, someone to criticize in front of others…I could go on; I’ve seen it all, and here’s a Catch-22 for you. In the past, when I’ve witnessed out-of-control teasing and bullying and physical and sexual harassment (long before that term even came about in its present meaning) and have intervened, I’ve been told by the woman, “It’s OK!” Fine, she didn’t want to rock anybody’s boat. Was a different time then but I doubt much has changed, except that “some” women are standing up. Today I’m glad to be far away from any situations like that to come up.

Avalanche of the soul

Here’s my blanket response to the depressingly self-righteous trolls that find their way to this site. I’m nearly as tired of repeating myself as I am fed up with reading their pointless comments. Domestic violence is a gendered issue: stop pretending it’s not.

A website dealing with domestic violence was certain to attract trolls. Their comments are unsurprising in their irrelevance, ignorance, and uniformity and typically look like this:

  • “Why is it always ‘he’ with you feminists?” Do you understand what feminism is?
  • Men are victims too! I never said they weren’t.
  • My girlfriend is convinced I’m abusive, thanks to sites like this. Have you considered the possibility that you actually are?

I usually allow their mini-tirades on the site because hey, I enjoy a laugh as much as anyone else. But I’m tired of repeating myself now. So, for the men getting all bent out of shape because I…

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