Man’s Broken Bridges

Sometimes I share these blog posts from others because they touch a portion of my life. I know a young woman and care about her. She is married to a man I have no doubt insults and ridicules her. I have seen it, but so far (far as I know) just emotional abuse.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for the many who have been wounded by the abuses of man and walk a path of brokenness. There are many paths of brokenness with broken bridges that we travel. But there is only One Everlasting Bridge that will bring you into the glorious future that God has planned for you.

Man’s broken bridges…
is what many have crossed…
when life has been rough…
and so much as been lost.
But a new Bridge is found…
when we come to the Cross…
and step into our future…
no matter our former loss.

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