The Pendulum Will Shift When God’s in the Fight

Two little warblers (not much bigger than a bumblebee) just fluttered into my presence among chokecherry foliage, and close, not more than four feet away. One especially gave me the “eye.” Then they both were gone, so quickly.
I had just stepped outside, wondering about myself, about all the negative events happening in America and the world. Because of them I feel myself leaning more and more toward religion, but also fighting it. Every day I try to add my own thoughts to those negative world events, but what if I’m wrong?
You see, I keep believing I’m right.
I believe in signs and now I wonder, were those two little warblers a sign? But which way?

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

The words “The Pendulum has shifted” came to me when a “victory” was won this week. We all face battles in our lives, whether big or small and whether personal or professional. But when we walk as David with righteousness and fight the good fight, God will be on our side and the “balance” of power will be shifted when we face the “giants” before us.

The pendulum will shift…
when God’s in the fight…
for He will bring victory…
with His power and might.
For a pendulum swings…
as it’s balance is maintained.
But with God intervention,
this balance is not the same.
And these words came to me…
as I watched a victory won
and at that point in time,
I knew the shift in power had begun.

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