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Stalking… It’s Very Difficult to Prove

Girls and women need to open their eyes and LOOK beyond the good “looks” of the guy. As a “guy” I suspect it is really, really, easy to get into a situation, sort of like being in a construction ditch (over your head) and the sides start collapsing. You maybe will get out but it will take a while and you WILL need help.
The “needing help” part might be the hardest thing to accept.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

At a recent domestic violence conference, legal advocates discussed stalking and it’s difficulty to prove. But they also stressed that all victims need to keep trying to get the restraining orders or protective orders that they need.

occurs to many who are abused.
But sadly…
it is very difficult to prove.
Whether physical or cyber-stalking…
documentation is the key.
for you have to have the proof…
to pursue with this illegality.

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Facts About Child Sexual Abuse

Not much to say about this reblog, except to help raise awareness of the growing problem.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Child sexual abuse is a growing problem today with many children getting sexually abused by the same people who should be loving them, protecting them, and nurturing them. Too much abuse goes on behind closed doors in homes where the children should feel safe. The majority of cases go unreported while the child carries the guilt and shame alone with the weight of this burden which they were not meant to carry. We have to stop the silence so that we can stop the violence.

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Victims or Abusers… What Lies Within Your Heart?

A specific sentence in this post caught my eye, and I believe it: “…sometimes we need to remember that the abusers were once victims too. “

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

As we bring awareness to various aspects of domestic violence this month, I want to remind everyone that whether a victim or an abuser, these behaviors all started with a wound upon a heart… a wound inflicted by an abuse.  So though it is hard to grasp when we are hurting from the wounds  of abuse from our own past, sometimes we need to remember that the abusers were once victims too. Now this does not excuse the abusive behaviors that are learned for we are all responsible for our words and actions. But, this is why we need to pray… so the cycle of abuse will be broken from our children.

Victims or Abusers…
What lies within your heart?
For what is hidden within…
is where your words and acts start.
For abusive words…
flow from the anger in your soul.
And they are like daggers…
to hearts of…

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Child Sexual Abuse Video~~ Broken Girl

She was nine. I was thirty. She stopped often and wanted to talk. But I was too stupid to see what she really wanted. HELP! I don’t know what happened to her, don’t even remember her name, but I will never forget her….

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

I saw this video and wanted to share for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We all need to realize the brokenness that is hidden deep within the eyes of the many sexually abused children. The sadness is evident when we take the time to look through their eyes and then realize that our eyes are the gates to our souls. What will your eyes reveal?

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