Stalking… It’s Very Difficult to Prove

Girls and women need to open their eyes and LOOK beyond the good “looks” of the guy. As a “guy” I suspect it is really, really, easy to get into a situation, sort of like being in a construction ditch (over your head) and the sides start collapsing. You maybe will get out but it will take a while and you WILL need help.
The “needing help” part might be the hardest thing to accept.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

At a recent domestic violence conference, legal advocates discussed stalking and it’s difficulty to prove. But they also stressed that all victims need to keep trying to get the restraining orders or protective orders that they need.

occurs to many who are abused.
But sadly…
it is very difficult to prove.
Whether physical or cyber-stalking…
documentation is the key.
for you have to have the proof…
to pursue with this illegality.

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