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So Many Remain Complacent

A young woman I know is in–at least a situation–where escaping, changing, would be difficult for her. I don’t think she’s being physically abused. Emotional abuse, yes, not a doubt. I haven’t heard from her in 6 months, haven’t seen her for over two years. There’s nothing I can do about her situation, except “care.”

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for the many who find themselves complacent or stuck in the rut of life, whether happily or sadly. Many feel that they can not expect more than what they have, even if it’s abusive, and do not even seek to find more… until something happens that threatens what they already have. We have all experienced this at some point in our lives and sometimes it just takes a little self-evaluation to determine if we are just being complacent in our current situations or really seeking more.

So many remain complacent…
in their lives every day.
Doing the same old thing…
the same old way.
Not growing or changing…
nor advancing at all.
Neither climbing higher…
nor experiencing a fall.

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Angels Among Us-Even In Parking Lots

This blog, written by a lady with two charming young children, I have been following for about a year as she deals with a court system that, to me, absolutely does not understand the abuse and damage to the children, that can occur from this lady’s narcissistic X-husband.
At the end we get a great song from “Alabama” about angels.
I have to say I believe in angels too.
The night that a tornado destroyed my family’s farm and devastated my family, a young girl sat with my sister (who wasn’t home at the time) through the night, and my sister never saw the young girl again…a guardian angel?
Yes, I would say so, a real live angel on earth.