Dr. Helen Coldicott on the Insanity of Believing You Can Win a Limited Nuclear War.

Nuclear war is “again” threatening in a few places, for instance both o and h pushing and threatening the immovable bear in Syria.
Back when I did a huge amount of research for my novel “Winter in July,” I sometimes had terrifying nuclear nightmares night after night. (Gave those nightmares to the lead character in the novel.) But in all that research, somehow I missed seeing “THE DEAD MAN’S SWITCH” that Russia evidently has. (It’s in paragraph 5. If you do nothing else I recommend reading that.)
Don’t pay any attention to the pic that first appears when you click here, this short article is not about a pretty girl with nice arms….

Freedom from Conscience


American politics usually revolves around emotional “trigger” issues; many being quite trivial.  For instance, during the primaries, the media actually made an issue out of one of the Republican candidates eating pizza with a fork.  Often when the more macro-societal issues do come up, they are replied to with carefully-prepared sound-bites. The media is gets a headline, the press aides get a cookie and the public gets something akin to a mind-meme to discuss around the proverbial water cooler. Yet what about an issue such as human survival? Seems important, right? Yet not much about it in the mainstream western media even though there are several trouble-spots that could erupt into a nuclear confrontation. Which brings me to my interview last week with noted physician Dr. Helen Coldicott, who has made it a mission to warn people of the dangers of nuclear weapons, as well as the notion that a…

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