Poughkeepsie Congressional candidate learns how secretive federal refugee planning is

Included in this post is a list of who to call in your state if your local “refugee” scam outfit refuses to cooperate.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Last week we told you that Poughkeepsie, NY had been chosenby the US State Department as a new refugee resettlement seed community.*** In order for the plans to be this advanced—the office should be open before the end of the year or in early 2017—there has been at least a year of behind-the-scenes planning.

Some local elected officials have surely been in on the plan since the beginning. There are churches, mosques and synagogues (probably part of a local ‘Interfaith’ group) that are quietly working on the plans and may very well have instigated the idea.

phil-oliva Oliva, running for office in NY’s 18th Congressional District has just discovered that Poughkeepsie has been targeted to receive Syrian and other Middle Eastern and African refugees within the next few months.

And, there is also an R & P Abstract for FY2017(a planning document for Poughkeepsie which includes numbers, ethnicity…

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