US considering taking Australian illegal boat people, housed on Nauru, to US as refugees

Holy freaking Balls!–Put an end to this one, folks.
We sure as hell do not want what Australia does not want!
Congress, do your job!!!!
Don’t let the muslim-in-chief squatter in the White House get away with this one!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is a BFF and should be vigorously opposed. (Where is our incompetent Congress?)

We have no responsibility for saving Australia from its hundreds of illegal aliens who attempted to reach Australia by boat and converting them to refugees to be seeded into your US towns and cities.

nauru-riots In 2013, rioting ‘asylum seekers’ burned down the detention center on Nauru.

These are questionable asylum seekers that Australia does not want! They are not our problem!

This is Australia’s political hot potato.

That damn George W. Bush set a precedent about 9 years ago by taking illegal aliens who arrived on the island nation of Malta to the US as refugees. I was told (by insiders!) at the time that it was illegal!

Now we are going to pick up Australia’s illegal aliens!!!

See our huge archive on Malta by clicking here.  And, btw, there is no way to…

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