New refugee office opening! At least Poughkeepsie media is trying to get answers!

This “refugee” resettlement BS is just one of the ways the fed wastes taxpayer money. I’m fine with refugees if they are true immigrants, in other words if they put personal effort into getting here, but these so-called church outfits are pure scam.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

What a difference 9 years makes!

In 2007, I started writing Refugee Resettlement Watch because my local newspaper editor wouldn’t send a reporter out to find the answers and explain to the public how it was that a Virginia-based ‘church’ group could choose our county seat in Maryland in which to place impoverished people.  I assumed, and I think correctly, that most local papers back then wouldn’t discuss the program in any way other than to report on fluffy-puffy stories about refugees seeing their first snow.

sean-patrick-maloney The member of Congress representing Poughkeepsie is Sean Patrick Maloney(D) who began his political career in the Clinton White House. Just like every district in America, if you want to slow the flow of refugees (or not start the flow in the first place), there is only one place you should direct your ire, your energy, your political pressure, and that is at your…

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