In Minnesota, Trump talks trade and Somalis

For eight years the POS/SOB/POTUS, muslim-in-chief in the Peoples’ House has been bringing in muslims and other “refugees” for the purpose of changing states from red to blue, expressly to affect voting in favor of the evil democratic party.
(Don’t believe the dems are evil?–take a look at the movie “hillary’s America.)
We can’t blame the dems alone; the two Bush boys had plenty to do with the new muslim immigration too; it’s now pretty well known that the Bushes are part of the NWO elite.
When we voters change administrations on Tuesday, a large part of Congress needs to go too.
Oh, and Minnesota, never forget what your fine governor said…it’s repeated in this post

Refugee Resettlement Watch

As I watched the news the first thing this morning, what trend jumped out at me—in those states that are must-wins for Trump like North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Michigan and even New Hampshire, what is the common thread?  They are states where the immigrant population is expanding greatly with refugee resettlement as one factor.  Immigrants generally vote for Democrats because they fear their social services (aka welfare) will be reduced under a Republican president.

Muslim immigrants vote mostly for Democrats because they know the Dems will permit the Hijra (the migration) to continue unimpeded.

Trump had the guts to raise the Somali problem in Minnesota yesterday.

Remember Democrat Governor Dayton famously told an audience in St. Cloud last year, an audience of native Minnesotans, if you don’t like our (Somali) immigrants move to another state.

Trump is appealing to Minnesotans to help save their state by voting for him.


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