Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lectures Trump; never mentions its pecuniary interest in refugees

This guy in the pic takes home a salary of $336,323.00. In the article below is a whole bunch of other tax-dollar figures that will just blow your mind.
These 9 national scam outfits (each with dozens of local scam outfits, like LSS in Fargo, ND) are basically taxpayer-supported, and that is a growing outrage!
Which it SHOULD be!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is one more in my continuing update and review of the financial positions of the nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors.

Here we have HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield admonishing Donald Trump on the day after his big win last Tuesday. I might respect the resettlement contractors a bit if they would make it clear somewhere, sometime, that they have a vested financial interest in the resettlement of refugees rather than this usual holier-than-thou pontification.  LOL! maybe there should be a little disclaimer at the end of all media references to them—“This organization is paid by the taxpayers of America to place refugees in towns and cities in 49 states.”

mark-hetfield CEO Mark Hetfield is pulling down a salary package worth $336,323 running this ‘charity.’ http://www.give.org/charity-reviews/national/human-services/hias-in-silver-spring-md-19163

So far I’ve updated our older financial information on USCRI, LIRS, World Relief, and Church World Service.

USCRI is here (97%…

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