Three Arkansas members of Congress question new resettlement plan for Fayetteville area

From the article: “… 47 new sites, most chosen in secrecy.”
That’s right: “SECRECY!” That’s how the left works. They are not stopping and they won’t stop until they are STOPPED!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Fayetteville, Arkansas is one of the newest resettlement sites approved by the US State Department to accommodate the large number of refugees that Barack Obama has proposed for FY2017. We previously learned that there are 47 new sites, most chosen in secrecy.  Below is the list of those we have heard about so far.***

From Talk Business & Politics:

Canopy Northwest Arkansas received final approval from the State Department on Sept. 30 and is waiting for the assignment of its first refugee family, which could come as early as mid-November.

steve-womack Real test for Rep. Steve Womack (R) is whether he will support defunding the Refugee Admissions Program when Congress addresses the FY17 budget starting this week! Womack is on the Appropriations Committee:

Canopy partners with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), one of nine national resettlement agencies that contract with the State Department to run the refugee…

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