Ho-hum another Trump fear article reveals an interesting bit of information

“Operate in low profile.” RIGHT! IN SECRECY!
Hide the truth from the people getting muslim “refugees” dumped on them, and then the “refugee” contractor washes his/her hands and is never heard from again, until they want to dump more “refugees.”
There’s a big difference between people wanting to immigrate to America legitimately and assimilate as Americans, and the muslim “refugees” being pushed by the islamic-run UN.
The islamic-run UN is no friend to America.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Apparently some refugee advocates blame the US State Department’s decades old secrecy about the Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) for the backlash against it!

He (resettlement contractor Christopher George) places some of the blame on the State Department, which encourages resettlement programs to operate at a low profile (in secrecy!).

bloomington-forum US STATE DEPT. NO-SHOW! More than 100 people came out to a refugee forum in Bloomington, Indiana last week. Experts Don Barnett and Jim Simpson debated one lonely pro-refugee immigration lawyer, when Barbara Day, representing the US State Department, was a no-show and purportedly discouraged refugee agencies in the state to not participate as well, thus confirming what Connecticut contractor George told NPR. Photo and story from Bloomington, here: http://www.idsnews.com/article/2016/11/locals-discuss-concerns-for-refugee-families

This is from NPR(no surprise), but buried in its many paragraphs of sad stories about poor Muslim refugees we found a point of agreement with a resettlement contractor (emphasis below…

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