Hudson,Wisconsin Catholic Church asked to resettle five Syrian families in departure from normal resettlement process

Truly, these “refugee” scam contractors are getting desperate, but they aren’t stopping. The end of tax money would put them out of business. We can all hope our republican Congress will end their money.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

First, this proposal to a specific Catholic Church to effectively become a resettlement agency in a town with no resettlement office tells me that the refugee industry is getting desperate.

Frankly, as Congress has not appropriated enough money for Obama’s large refugee numbers for FY17 (already underway) because it has not acted on the budget for the upcoming year, contractorslike the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are looking for ways to pawn off some of their responsibilities on, in this case, an individual church.

Members of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church are apparently in the process of deciding if they will take responsibility for five(most likely Muslim since 99% of the Syrians entering the US now are Muslims) families.  (I saw this story almost a week ago, so maybe they have already decided.)

st-patrick-hudson US Conference of Catholic Bishops attempting to get the most bang for their federal bucks…

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