If Trump only knew Utica, NY story, says resettlement agency employee, he wouldn’t be so misguided

Utica, NY, a good example of stories not being covered.
Nancy Pelosi is mentioned too, “…famously said food stamps boost the economy!”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

But what is the real Utica story?

Easily one of my greatest concerns about the whole resettlement process in the United States, is how can there be such widely divergent views on whether refugees have brought a “robust” economy and multicultural nirvana to a community, or not!

town-that-loves-refugees Read the 2005 UN propaganda report used to entice (embarrass) other cities into ‘welcoming’ refugees. http://www.unhcr.org/publications/refugeemag/426f4c772/refugees-magazine-issue-138-town-loves-refugees.html

Is there no real investigative journalist willing to go to Utica, spend a little time, talk to everyone involved and report an accurate story about what has happened in the ‘Town that Loves Refugees’(according to a 2005 United Nations propaganda campaign).

This is one more in those warm and fuzzy stories about how everything  is copacetic in Utica. Of course the election of Donald Trump is the news hook for a reporter to once again tell the ‘good’ news about rebuilding cities with refugees.


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