Illinois: pro-refugee op-ed is worth mentioning, state taxpayers on the hook

A good post on what it’s costing state taxpayers.
Ann has all ready mentioned Dave Piepkorn, a city council member from Fargo, ND, as asking that question. For a few weeks now he has been getting hounded and attacked by the lib powers-that-be (and letters-to-the editor.)
I also sent a letter-to-the-editor in his support, and my letter also got an attacked.
Go figure, huh.
But then, Fargo has received praise from a national magazine as being a great lib city, and it truly is the bastion of liberalism in the Red state of North Dakota.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Every time a federal resettlement contractor arrives in a new site and attempts to convince local taxpayers that the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is a federal program that won’t cost local and state taxpayers anything, beware.

Editor’s note: I was in Washington, DC yesterday for business and  pleasure so only just now posted good comments from readers to my posts of Thursday.  Sorry for the delay.

This op-ed at Chicago Monitorby Megan Waden has a few interesting nuggets I want you to see, and this final line sums up exactly why I do what I do and thus I agree whole-heartedly with its author:

When engaging in policy discussions to address the refugee admissions process, presenting a more comprehensive picture of the security clearance process and the resources provided throughout resettlement is critical.

My role at RRW for the last nearly 10 years has been to present a “more…

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