Manchester, NH police chief: 500 refugees coming to NH, 90,000 Syrians to America

obama keeps his nose up the bodies of the islamic-run UN, and continues bringing just as many moslems as he can to America, while too much of the US population does NOT understand what the hell is happening so they will keep their arms wide freaking open.
If only the truth was being shared by the mass dumbass paid-off media about what’s really happening in France and Germany and especially the UK and Sweden.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is what the Manchester Union Leaderis reporting.  I’m thinking 90,000 Syrians is way high especially in the age of Trump.  Nevertheless, here is the story.  It is not clear to me (maybe it is to you!) what the motion before the mayor and council would actually do, so I’ll just stick to reporting on the stunning numbers that supposedly came from the FBI.

Alderman Keith Hirschmann originally proposed the motion, saying the board would empower Mayor Ted Gatsas in any efforts to stop a potential influx of 500 refugees from Syria.

willard_testified Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said he got the numbers from the FBI. BTW, Republican Senator Ayotte, to Willard’s right in this photo, lost her Senate seat. For our purposes it didn’t matter, because I have not seen her lift a finger to slow the Refugee Admissions Program (too close to Senators McCain and Graham?)

That figure…

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