Minnesota resettlement contractors not increasing their refugee intake in FY2017

Hmmm…, is Minnesota starting to “get it” finally?
We’ll see, but if the blockhead in the photo (a Soros’ protege) has anything to do with it….

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Schwartz, the Humphrey School dean, said the 110,000 national number for the year is a ceiling, not a legal obligation binding the new government.

Actually I don’t think they will have to worry about taking their share of the huge number Obama proposed for FY2017—110,000—because Trump will surely reduce that number one way or another.

For our readers in Minnesota this is a very useful article with lots of details about the contractors and the cities in which they are placing refugees.  Seems one big limiting factor is affordable housing!  I sure hope one of the Trump Admins first actions will be to kill Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering FAIR Housing initiative!

Here is the latest from Minnesota at the Star Tribune (emphasis is mine):

Minnesota, one of the nation’s busiest resettlement destinations, is aiming to keep its refugee arrivals steady in 2017.

eric-schwartz Eric Schwartz was Obama’s first Asst. Sec. of State…

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