Refugee resettlement industry held emergency conference call on Friday: What will Trump do?

An “emergency conference”–GOOD! It’s time those people have to worry about their “rice bowls!”
And I love how they appear to have “NO” qualms about bringing “refugees” in, dumping them on bleeding-hearted Americans, then washing their hands and are never heard from again–until they have more “refugees” to dump.
This from Their call leader, “don’t overreact,” prepare to advocate and argue in favor of refugee resettlement programs and hold steady until something changes…We’re simply going to keep on doing what we’re doing until somebody says ‘stop,'” Buckley-Brawner said. (Me thinks “her” rice bowl should end right now!)
“My” thought: America cannot keep taking in the Third World just to line these scammers’ pockets and to provide cheaper labor to certain big business.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They are worried. And, as my good friend Richard (Blue Ridge Forum) would say, it has a lot to do with rice bowls. What? you ask! Have you ever heard the phrase ‘breaking rice bowls?’ It happens a lot when a new administration comes in to power and a lot of people have their livelihoods placed on the line perhaps for the first time ever!


In a story ostensibly about what is going to happen to the new resettlement site of Northampton, Massachusetts, the head of the local Catholic Charities tells us a good bit about what went on when 452 worried refugee resettlement workers got on a conference call with presumably leaders of the two main federal agencies that administer the program and dole out the federal bucks in Washington.

BTW, as we have mentioned previously, both the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and…

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