More on Rutland: Refugee resettlement is about (your) money

The really sad thing: millions of taxpayer dollars have been pouring into these scam outfits for years, and nobody knew until “refugees” got dumped into friendly American communities.
Nobody knew, that is, until Ann Corcoran began noticing, researching, and deciding to share her knowledge with the rest of us.
The grinning guy in the photo, BTW, is the mayor of Rutland.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money that goes towards transitioning the refugees.

In Rutland, VT the controversy about whether to bring mostly Syrian refugees to the city in the coming months continues to simmer. The brakes are on right now, as we told you hereand here recently, because the federal contractors know they can’t get out too far ahead of their money (YOUR money, federal grants).

Frankly, the contractors have virtually no money of their own especially the contractor in Rutland (USCRI here).  For new readers, USCRI*** is the contractor working in Twin Falls, Idaho too.

mayor-louras Rutland Mayor Louras thinks small towns will be saved by bringing in mostly Muslim refugees from the Middle East. I don’t see him clamoring for the Congolese Christians. Photo:

There is nothing earth-shattering in this, another storyon Rutland, but I was interested to see how overtly…

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