Grassley and Goodlatte blast Obama Admin on secret Australian ‘refugee’ deal

After reading the letter by Grassley and Goodblatte, referring to the secret BS going on in our muslim administration, I think there should be no doubt that the new world order globalists and the islamic-run UN are in cahoots with king obama to bring down America by overloading us with moslem “refugees.”
We can thank God everyday that hillary is now OUT!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Got guts! This is a good sign from Congress (a sign perhaps that Trump’s victory is providing some backbone!).

chuck-grassley Senator Chuck Grassley

Senator Chuck Grassley and Rep. Bob Goodlatte chairmen of their respective Judiciary Committees have sent a strongly worded letter to the Obama Administration telling them to release to the public information on a secret deal to admit to the US rejected asylum seekers held in Australian offshore detention centers.

We reported the news hereand herelast week.

Remember readers, these are mostly Muslims (who attempted to break into Australia by boat) who have had their asylum claims rejected—Australia does not want them!

Here is the letter dated yesterday (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):



Setting precedents!

There are many important concerns in this letter, but one issue in particular caught my eye—the idea of setting a precedent which is something I’ve been hammering for…

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