9/11 Mastermind says the goal of Al-Qaeda is to takeover America through immigration

This post from Ann is a must-read for all. It tells in plain language exactly what so many of us have been saying. islam has patience–hey! They’ve been working toward their worldwide caliphate for 1400 years…what’s a few more years while they’re waiting for their birthrate to quadruple the infidels?
Something for both Americans and Canadians to roll around in their Thanksgiving-filled stomachs.
OK, so Canada doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day, but one of my Canadian friends wished me a Happy Thanksgiving today, so here I’m including our Canadian friends

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is about as clear as you can get, and from one of their own mouths! (Hey, SPLC does that make him a racist or Islamophobe?)

This isn’t new news for anyone who has been paying attention and reading alternative media like RRW. Heck this is the Hijraexplained by someone who is one of Islam’s most diabolical minds—Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Before I get to what KSM is quoted as saying in a soon-to-be released book, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving day today with friends and family. And, I hope this doesn’t spoil what is left of your day!

khalid-sheikh-mohammed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Not “practical” to defeat America with terror attacks, must do it through immigration and out-breeding the infidels.

Incidentally, I wrote about KSM a couple of years agowhen I read Richard Miniter’s ‘Mastermind.’  I was most interested in the fact that the state of…

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