We should all be Geert Wilders, use your free speech while you have it!

This is one of those posts so hard to understand. How can the leadership of a nation like the Netherlands treat this man, Geert Wilders, like this?
Please read his statement to the court, then think of all that is happening right here in America, the eternal bastion of “FREE SPEECH,” and realize that our free speech could slip away too.
Remember, obama still has the power of the presidency for nearly two months….

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“Members of the court, you are passing judgment on the future of the Netherlands.”

Geert Wilders

geert-wilders Wilders before the court!

Every one of you should take a few minutes and read Dutch leader Geert Wilders’ final statement to the court that is seeking to convict him on hate speech charges.  I’ve snipped a bit of it below.

In the US we still have our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech because the founders understood that being able to freely speak about vital issues facing the country was the best way to keep chaos and violent conflict from tearing the country apart.

Granted there are far left organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Centerwho are seeking to silence you.  Your response should be to speak up even more forcefully. (See SPLC will have a DC press conference this week, they use their free speech!)

Every one of you…

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