Greeley, CO: Refugee advocate worries about backlash against Somalis

Two key words here, and both foreign:
The pictured business at Greeley, Colorado, is owned by a Brazilian–COOL! A foreigner taking advantage of US tax dollars to get cheap labor.
The other thing is Somalis (given some of their sanitary habits) handling food (and food handling by muslims is likely rampant in the US.)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Earlier I posted a news round-up of stories on the Somali refugee slasher, see it here.  Then I mentioned there are three (at least) other news stories I wanted to spend more time on.  I posted the first of thosehere.

And, this is the next one, from the Greeley Tribune.  The story is not about how citizens of Greeley are worried about an Islam-inspired attack there, but whether the Ohio State attack might cause some Americans to say nasty things about Somalis in Greeley. Sheesh.

jbs-greeley I took this photo of JBS (previously Swift & Co) headquarters in Greeley, CO on my tour of meatpackers of America this past summer. JBS is a Brazilian-owned company.

Before I tell you the news from Greeley, know that we have an extensive archive on Greeley here at RRWgoing back years.

Greeley has a Somali refugee population because one…

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