The kids at William and Mary pushing ahead with refugee resolution

Keyword: These students live “elsewhere.”
And that’s the key: these people bringing in “refugees,” especially muslims, bring them in, dump them onto a good-hearted community not really understanding that it’s the local people who will have to pay most of the bill.
The libs who brought them in have washed their hands and left.
About the same as celebs getting their selfies with muslims and then going home to their fenced and gated communities, never having to deal with the Third World again…unless they “want” to.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

See our earlier post on efforts by students (whose residence is elsewhere) campaigning to get Syrian Muslim (98% of those we are admitting are Muslim) refugees placed in the historic town of Williamsburg, VA.

colonial-williamsburg Sam and friends: Colonial Williamsburg needs some diversity and Syrian Muslims should do the trick! Got mosque yet?

They held a community forum this past week (30 or so attended according to news reports) and said they planned to push ahead in Williamsburg and around the state with their resolution idea.

This is the latest at The Virginia Gazette (emphasis mine):

There are no Syrian refugees in Williamsburg, but there could be soon. Students at William and Mary want to let refugees know they’re welcome here, if the state sees fit.

Speaking at a forum on Tuesday evening, students said the rationale for passing a resolution through city council is making sure refugees understand that…

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