Minnesota, no surprise highest Somali resettlement state in nation

The Great Blue State of muslim-central, right next door to me.
The next time you take a bite of food (think especially yogurt from Idaho and now meat from Minnesota–plus all the other food-handling jobs muslims are filling) think of this:
muslims have questionable sanitary habits….
Look it up.
Copy & paste from the post: “…Many Somalis find work in meatpacking plants…”
From another post from Ann this morning, our state department and the islamic-run, worthless, UN, are right now pouring Somalis into our country, basically unvetted
obama has a quota to fill and he’s desperately trying to fill it.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

For those of you in cities and states contemplating whether to ‘welcome’ refugees, remember this:  Once you have set up a program, there is no stopping it.The federal government looks to see if your community has a particular ethnic group growing and you then will get more of them. (Obviously, even if you have had a terror attack as St. Cloud did!)

st-cloud-mall-attack Minnesota CAIR director worried that the September Islamic terror attack could cause blowback against Somalis in St. Cloud. Not to be deterred, the Obama State Department and Lutheran Social Services are still pouring Somalis in to St. Cloud. Photo: http://www.mprnews.org/story/2016/09/23/st-cloud-mall-stabbing-update

LOL! The feds want the refugees to be with their own folks, their own kind of people (never mind that that seems a bit racist to me!).

Since I was  having fun with numbers, see my previous post about how Somalis are being resettled at the fastest…

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