The 2017 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

Quite a challenge.
I can read a book in a few days, even less time if it’s a page-turner, but 24 in one year? Not with all my other challenges.
…are those snowflakes falling…? Kinda cool.

ellen allen

rhc_cover_pinterestHappy New Year! It’s that time again when we make all our bookish resolutions, to read more, to read well, and to read those books we’ve always meant to read but never had the time. If you fancy a reading challenge, this is the third year of the annual Book Riot challenge; the aim is to read 24 books in a year, i.e. 2 per month, categorised under different themes. There’s a GoodReads reading group to find friends to keep you on track and you can download a pdf of the goals on their site. 

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