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A Reminder– Freedom Isn’t Free

The little boy receiving the flag brought tears, and Toby Keith’s song finished it.
Today we have a brand new enemy, more dangerous than any before. THIS enemy is not only at the gate but has slithered inside, into our government, law enforcement, military, and worst our schools, elementary to college.
islam is brainwashing our children. Schoolboards, local governments, and too many parents are allowing it to happen. This enemy will be difficult to defeat because half the country, the “left” the liberals, seem to want islam to win.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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This is a great reminder for all of us this weekend as we honor our veterans this Memorial Day. Freedom is most definitely not free. A huge price has been paid by all of those who have served our country to bring freedom to this great land. Let us remember their sacrifice and honor them today.

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