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White House could announce refugee ceiling for FY18 this week

I’m writing to the president yet again, and you should too: ZERO “refugees” FY18–thank you, Mr. President!
Put those NINE national SCAM agencies and their 300 local underling offices OUT!
The left will whine, cry and riot, but they will anyway not matter what the president does.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“We don’t really know who is driving this train”

(whines Melanie Nezer of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)

The decision could come this week and the contractors*** are scared to death that the number could be 50,000 or lower. At least that is what VICE News is reporting and they clearly have an inside line to Leftist/Open Borders leakers in the administration if this report is to be believed, and I have no reason not to believe it.

It also confirms the vibes I got listening to the HIAS conference call last week—the contractors are out of the loop!

Before you read the VICE story, be sure to see my post yesterday entitled:

Consider the optics Mr. President! Thousands of impoverished people arriving in the US when Americans are homeless

Now,here is VICE News (emphasis is mine):

The Trump administration is expected to drastically reduce the number of…

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Never, ever forget….

I agree, Ann, but I believe a good number of people all ready have forgotten, or have sided with the conspiracy tales.
As for children and grandchildren–remember, we are being invaded by muslim “refugees” and our children and grandchildren have been brainwashed by leftism for years, and these children and grandchildren now have charming muslim friends convincing them that islam is NOT bad but peaceful–plus those charmers have done a number on our federal leadership too.
Sorry for a downer on such a day.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Every one of you alive that day 16 years ago remembers this minute. No other words are necessary….

We-Will-Never-Forget-9-11-memorial-35524450-684-767And, don’t let your children and grandchildren forget….

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